Three years in the making.

It has taken almost three years from our original idea to bring back the arts and crafts hammered finish to our range of solid silver and silver-plated hand-crafted gifts. The almost impossible task was to find a Hammerman – a person with the old arts and crafts silver hammer skills.  After looking for over one year – and with no luck – and almost giving up on the whole idea, we were given the name of a retired Hammerman George Trainer of Sheffield, he put us in touch with his grandson. George’s grandson was taught hammering by his father who in turn was taught the ancient art by his father. We drove down to Sheffield to meet with George’s grandson Peter. Peter is indeed a wonderful craftsman and exactly the person we had been searching for.  Peter was to show us first hand his impressive hammering skills, we were able to agree a long-term deal with Peter there and then – thank goodness.

Then followed the lengthy – over 18 months – development to find an acceptable way to include hand hammering in our manufacturing process. The whole idea has taken far longer than we originally thought but, the result is way beyond what we had anticipated, we think our beautiful hammered gifts would not be out of place in a posh London shop in the year 1903, and that is exactly what we hoped to accomplish – not bad for a wee business in Scotland.

The result will be a full range of our silver and silver-plated gifts all hand crafted, and hand hammered in the traditional manner, the first of which is now available – this hand hammered silver-plated Quaich. 

Silver Plated Hand Crafted and hand hammered Quaich measuring 4 inches in diameter, with plain rim band . The best quality silver plated Quaich available, a very heavy, silver plated luxury gift. with space for engraving under the base. A Scottish Silver Quaich with plain hammered handles, plain top rim and foot, making a great gift. Supplied in a gift box. Reference number: CH4PH. The finest silver plated Quaich – looks exactly as solid silver with over 25 microns of solid silver – superb hand made Quaich.
Our silver plated Quaichs are plated in the traditional manner with 25 microns of silver plating, if you are buying a silver plated Quaich always ask how many microns of silver plating – anything less than 15 microns on a Quaich is unacceptable and will not last.

The Owl and the Pussycat Silver napkin Rings

The Owl and the Pussycat Silver napkin Rings

We found these silver napkin rings being offered for sale online, they were not in good condition, but we were confident our silversmith Colin could bring them back to life. We were not quite so confident when we received them in the post – they were well used and in very poor condition. Colin hummed and hawed – as he always does, and informed us for the millionth time –  he is a silversmith not a miracle worker – oh dear!

Six weeks later Colin announced he had restored the napkin rings to HIS satisfaction – always a good sign with Colin. We now have six unique little works of art, what a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift these will make. Well, you can see the result in our photograph. The silver napkin rings are back to their former glory looking great and looking for a new home.

The Owl and the Pussycat Silver napkin Rings.  A unique Hand Crafted with hand hammered finish Arts and Crafts Style Solid Silver Hallmarked Napkin Ring set of six, made by the English silversmith David Oliver Treen Birmingham 1998.  The design is from the poem The owl and the pussycat by Edward Lear.  Each napkin ring has different characters from the poem – see our photographs. Each napkin ring is unique and a work of art in its own right.  We have fully restores this set to near new condition.  Sizes: Width – 7 cm  – height  4 cm. Weight – a substantial 60 grams or 2 oz. A truly unique set of solid silver napkin rings in superb condition.

Solid Silver Christening Spoons

We have huge stocks of our own new and a huge selection of interesting and unique Antique solid silver Christening/ baby spoons, with prices starting at only £29.99 – yes £29.99 for a solid silver hallmarked Christening spoon. We fully restore to near new condition all our antique and vintage Christening spoons and supply them in a gift box with details of the maker and a silver care card.  We can also engrave a name and date onto the spoon – if required. A very interesting and inexpensive new baby gift, a silver baby spoon is said to bring good fortune to a new born.

Here is a beautiful rather expensive silver Christening spoon we made – A large Solid Silver Heavy Gauge Thistle Christening Spoon. Supplied in gift box, Beautiful Scottish hand crafted Christening spoon with Thistle design, Hand hammered, made by Edinburgh Silver in the Arts and Crafts style. Space for engraving one name and a date in bowl.  Size: 15cm. weight 48grams. 

And here is a less expensive solid silver hallmarked example @ only £29.99 –

Antique Solid Silver Hallmarked Very Heavy Napkin Ring, Birmingham 1904

We always have a great selection of our own new and some interesting  antique silver napkin rings available on our website, but here is something really very special.  Antique Solid Silver Hallmarked Very Heavy Napkin Ring, Birmingham 1904, made by the excellent English silversmiths W. Spurrier. We have fully restored this napkin ring to near new condition.  Super Heavy and pristine condition – looks like new. The size, weight and superior quality of this napkin ring is quite exceptional, would make a very impressive Christening gift.    Sizes: Dia. 4.5 cm. H. 3cm. Weight 108  grams over 3 oz of solid hallmarked silver – the heaviest napkin ring we have ever seen.  Supplied in a gift box.
We have two of these beautiful napkin rings available for sale on our website  –

Rare silver baby spoon – Hallmarked Glasgow 1879

 Well, you don’t see one of these very often – Antique Hallmarked silver Christening or Baby Spoon.  Rare Loop design with turned in Finial in the Scottish manner,




made by the renowned Scottish silversmith Robert Scott in Glasgow 1879.   A rare and beautiful Christening spoon with crisp clear hallmarks. Our entire range of Baby/Christening spoons are of the highest standard.This silver spoon has been fully restored by us to near new condition.  Engraving – A short message can be engraved on the bowl of the spoon e.g. one name and date of birth or Christening date. Supplied in a gift box.

We have a vast selection of Solid Silver Christening spoons – new, vintage and antique and all available for immediate delivery, with prices from only £29.99. yes, solid silver hallmarked Christening spoons from only £29.99 and all restored to near new condition. So, if you are looking for a really unusual new baby gift that won’t cost a fortune – take a look at the Solid Silver Christening spoons on our website . here is the link to our website –  Loop Spoon


Edinburgh Silver

Teddy Bear Silver Photo Frame

Hello, guys & gals!

Happy Friday! I hope you all have that Friday feeling and you are looking forward to the weekend. Do you have any plans?

I have chosen another Solid Silver Photo Frame to show you all today. This one is a novelty piece and is just a fun wee gift all together.

This is an excellent baby or Christening gift and proves to be a very popular item when people are looking for Christening gifts. This Solid Silver Hallmarked Children’s Photo Frame has a luxurious velvet back and just looks stunning. The teddy bears are having fun playing and just makes an interesting and adorable gift.

Perfect if a child’s birthday is coming up and you want them to have something they can keep forever.

Want to find out more?

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Simply Sensational Solid Silver Photo Frames

Hello, folks!

We are at the second last blog for this week. I really hope you have found the blogs about our Solid Silver Photo Frames informative and sparked some imagination for gift ideas. Let us know if that has happened for you! We would love to hear.

Let’s see what I have chosen today, shall we?

Yesterday, I chose a frame that was beautifully decorated in an art nouveau design which made the photo frame extremely bold and eye-catching. I know some people like Solid Silver Photo Frames that are a bit more subtle but equally as beautiful. That’s why I have chosen to show you this amazing Edinburgh Hallmarked Solid Silver Photo Frame. I would not describe this as plain…I would describe it as simplistic and easy on the eye which many people prefer. Perfectly wonderful to house your favourite photo in. Gift this for an anniversary, wedding or birthday…Anything you’d like.

Please find out more by following this link:

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Outstanding Art Nouveau Silver Photo Frame

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How are we all today? It’s Wednesday…You know what that means? Halfway to the weekend! Keep going, you can do it.

I have another gorgeous Silver Photo Frame to show you all today and I think the one I have chosen is so elegant and interesting. It is from our Solid Silver Ornate Photo Frame collection and you are going to be stunned by how detailed, bold and eye-catching they are.

Let’s crack on.

an3ew (1)

How stunning is this piece? I just think it looks so interesting and even tells a wee story in itself…What story, you ask? You come up with it yourself…That’s what I love about this Silver Hallmarked Photo Frame with an Art Nouveau Design. Is the slender woman attending to her flowers in her flower garden or are they coming from her own body, as if she is growing flowers from her fingertips? You decide. Either way the flowers flow majestically around the frame, encasing every corner in a flower or vine. The swirling of the vines, stems and flowers attract your eye the whole way around this Ornate Solid Silver Photo Frame until you are drawn back to the beautiful lady. Art on a household item that you look at every day is one of my favourite things. It brings character to your photo…People will definitely ask about them and you can tell them your story.

If you would like to find out more, please do follow this link:

I really hope you enjoyed reading today’s post and I hope you loved today’s piece as much as I do.


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Frame It!

Hello, everyone!

We have an amazing collection of Solid Silver Multiple Photo Frames. This is incredibly handy if you have a few photos you would like to keep together (like a wedding or a special holiday) but you do not have lots of photo frames.

As you can see from the photo above, this Plain Designed Solid Silver Photo Frame has three spaces for any photograph you wish to include in it. It is, of course, hallmarked which guarantees stunning quality. This means the Solid Silver Photo Frame is of genuine and fine quality…Amazing, huh? You may engrave a special message onto this frame…Anything you would like to make it more interesting and unique to you. As I mentioned, this saves the hassle of buying three separate frames and you get three spaces in one top quality frame.

Check it out:

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Solid Silver Photo Frames: Dainty but Detailed

Good Morning!

How are we all today on this sunny Monday morning? I hope you are feeling good and ready to tackle the week that is ahead of you. From this week onto the foreseeable future, on the blogs, I will be going through our entire collection of Silver Photo Frames. We all know the common phrase, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. One of our Silver Photo Frames adds another thousand onto that. Homes are meant to treasure photographs on their gorgeous photo frames. Walk into any home and you will see special memories carefully placed on shelves and walls…This is why we want to give you top quality, beautifully designed and expertly crafted Silver Photo Frames.

Let’s see what we have today.


I have chosen a Silver Photo Frame from our 5×3.5″ range. This dainty Solid Silver Hallmarked Photo Frame lacks no detail due to it’s size. It is gorgeously swirled in all different shapes and patterns so if you, or someone you know, loves an interesting and unique style then this is absolutely the one to look at! There is nothing better than finding a Silver Photo Frame

Do you have  special picture you have meant to frame but never got around to? Never found the perfect frame? Well, get started now! Look through our extensive collection of frames, come back for tomorrow’s blog, and we will help you find something you can adore.

Thanks so much for reading and I am back again tomorrow! Bye, now.

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