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Antique Silver Gifts

There’s something incredible about an antique silver gift, a sense of history that is unmistakable. Great gifts will immediately create a memorable story of their own, of when they were given and what special occasion they marked. Antique silver gifts come with some history already ingrained inside them. They bring with them the love and joy of their previous owners.

Antique Silver

It’s fascinating to think about and whoever receives an antique silver gift will be enchanted not only by the item itself, but by the stories it has to tell. Antique silver gifts offer a truly unique way of making yourself or a loved one smile. Just thinking of stories past and those yet to be told. They will undoubtedly become items of great emotional value and can take pride of place in any home. A future family heirloom 

How old does silver need to be to be antique

Generally speaking an item of silver needs to be around 75 years old to be classed as antique

So how old is vintage silver

Vintage silver needs to be over 20 years old to have this term "vintage " added to its description. Some people refer to true vintage to be over 50 years old but not quite antique ago of 75-100 years

So what is retro

Retro refers to a time gone by that was at the time a certain trend. As above plastic toothpick in a Berni Inn was retro. A chopper bike is regarded as retro

Solid Silver Ashtray
Silver Keyring WA1923
Silver Kilt Pin CAI
Antique Silver SpoonHGM
Silver Napkin RingSM1916
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