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Antique Silver Inkwells

by Edinburgh Silver

Collecting Antique Silver Inkwells

Antique silver inkwells are a wonderfully decorative way to collect smaller silver items.
There are many silver inkwells on the market, antique, vintage and modern. There is no “right” way to go about beginning a collection of antique silver inkwells. However the best way to approach a new collection is to look at the inkwells which appeal to you most of all.
Antique silver inkwell Turkish design

Turkish Inkwell and Quill holders


The Design of The Ink Well

You may find that there is one or perhaps two periods of time which you are attracted to regarding inkwell designs. Equally you may find that your tastes are very eclectic and you simply love inkwells!
One of the most wonderful aspects of antique inkwells is the knowledge that they were once used daily and so were a part of people’s everyday life. This imbibes the object with a special feeling and that is often what attracts people to collecting antique. Be it  utensils or tools of any type…apart from the fact that they can also be very elegant and beautiful to behold!

The Period of The Inkwell

Looking at the different periods of inkwells. Some of the earliest antique silver inkwells which are quite easily found are Georgian inkwells.
Often made with glass and solid silver these Georgian examples are beautiful to behold. Especially  when polished and cleaned can make a lovely display in small groupings.
Other than Georgian inkwells, Victorian Inkwells are also very findable and popular.
Victorian silver inkwells are often more decorative than their plain Georgian cousins. Consequently often feature scrollwork and filigree.

Double Inkwells

If you are attracted to double silver inkwells then you will find many Victorian examples. Two glass ink bottles sitting side by side on a silver base and usually with silver lids are the most common style. However there are also some examples of novelty antique inkwells available too.
Some notable examples of antique silver novelty inkwells include inkwells in the shape of carriages and horses. Along lions, wolves, boats, birds and human faces.
Antique silver inkwells like this are harder to find at reasonable prices than the more common or garden examples. But if you can find one then you will be glad to hear that they are one collectable which does increase in price as time goes by.
antique Iranien inkwell

Cleaning Antique Silver Inkwells

Cleaning antique silver inkwells is a tougher job than cleaning other types of antique silver. If you are lucky and find an antique silver inkwell in its original condition then you may find the remnants of ink still lingering in the glass bottle.
In this case the best way to remove the old ink is to soak the bottle in a solution of warm soapy water. If you find the ink is too tough to fully remove. A good tip is to add some rice grains to the water and shake the bottle well.
The rice acts as a gentle scouring agent without damaging the glass.
A collection of antique silver inkwells makes a beautiful display and is a very satisfying collection to begin because there are so many out there readily available. How to clean silver 

Edinburgh Silver

Keep your eye on auction sites and in online stores for your inkwell collection and you will soon find yourself addicted to the hobby! We occasionally come across some good examples of inkwells, however because of there collectability they don’t stay in stock long so keep checking the Edinburgh Silver website often.

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