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Saint Mark Solid Silver Apostle Spoon


Solid Silver Hallmarked Large and heavy Saint Mark  Apostle Spoon


St Mark Apostle Spoon

Apostle Spoon Saint Mark  made by the excellent silversmiths Josiah Williams and George Maudsley Jackson London 1896.

Sizes: Large and heavy –  L 20cms.  Weight 66 grams.
Very good condition. These spoons were designed as very posh serving spoons. However  they were often gifted as wedding spoons. The spoons would then be engraved  with the wedding date the name of  bride and groom.  Today they are also gifted as silver christening gifts.

Saint Mark Solid Silver Apostle Spoon

We have four of these spoons in total.

We can engrave if required. Please do ensure that if you require engraving that you are accurate with the description. Engraved items can not be returned on this Saint Mark Solid Silver Apostle Spoon.

The History of Josiah Williams and George Maudsley Jackson London

Robert Williams first entered their mark in 1832. This was at the Exeter Assay Office. Later in 1846 he was joined by his two sons Josiah and James trading as Robert Williams & Sons. They carried on trading until their father retired around 1853.

Listed as James & Josiah Williams in 1855, they were active as manufacturers of silver and electroplated wares. They produced very large amounts of average quality flatware with some good quality holloware.

The Hallmark Of London

They opened temporary premises in London in 1860 in Pentonville Road. They started operating from Bristol in 1877.  James Williams then decides around this time to retire and put his feet up. This then became Josiah Williams & Co, the partners were Josiah and George Maudsley Jackson. Josiah retired from the business in 1879.

Due to the closure of the Exeter Assay Office in 1882, George Maudsley Jackson entered his mark in London. David Landsborough Fullerton joined the partnership in 1884 with the factory moving to new premises in Bristol and opening a London office in Holborn. Consequently control of the firm was assumed by Fullerton after Jackson retired.

Saint Mark Solid Silver Apostle Spoon

Saint Mark Solid Silver Apostle Spoon

Saint Mark The Apostle

In the dispersion of the apostles for propagating the gospel is different parts of the world, after our Lord’s ascension into heaven, St. Mark was by Peter sent into Egypt, where he soon planted a church in Alexandria, the metropolis; and such was his success, that he converted great multitudes of people, both men and women, to the Christian religion.

St. Mark did not confine himself to Alexandria and the Oriental parts of Egypt, but removed westward to Lybia, passing through the countries of Marmarcia, Pentapolis, and others adjacent, where, though the people were both barbarous in their manners and idolatrous in their worship, yet by his preaching and miracles he prevailed on them to embrace the tenets of the gospel; nor did he leave them till he had confirmed them in the faith. (source)

The Apostle Spoons

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