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It is always difficult to buy something for Christmas for someone whom seems to have everything already. Hold that thought, why not get them a Christmas silver gift. A gift of silver is something that will last a lifetime and for generations. But where does the tradition of giving silver Christmas presents begin.

The Traditions Of Silver Christmas Gifts

Some people believe that the tradition goes bak to the three wise men when they brought baby Jesus gifts. However none of those gifts were actually silver so where does it come from. One theory of the traditional silver Christmas gift is when Prince Albert brought with him his family tradition. On the Sunday before Advent the family gathered in the kitchen to help make the Christmas pudding.

A silver sixpence was placed into the pudding mix and every member of the household gave the mix a stir. Whoever found the sixpence in their own piece of the pudding on Christmas Day would see it as a sign that they would enjoy wealth and good luck in the year to come. So this is one story of silver gifts on Christmas.

The Traditional Christmas Stocking

The traditional Christmas stocking also began with coins and also with St Nicholas, the fourth-century Greek saint.

Nicholas liked giving presents to people who were less fortunate than him. He preferred to give gifts anonymously. He heard a story about a local nobleman who had lost both his wife and his money. The nobleman had been forced to move into a peasant’s cottage with his three daughters, all of whom were of marriageable age.

At the time, a bride-to-be needed a dowry to offer her groom’s parents. Sadly, the nobleman couldn’t afford to feed his daughters, let alone give them a dowry. St Nicholas knew that the nobleman would be too proud to accept charity. So when he spotted that the girls had hung their stockings to dry on the chimney ledge, he decided to climb down the chimney and put a bag of silver coins into the oldest girl’s stocking

The next day he climbed back down the chimney and placed a bag of coins in the second daughters stocking. On the third day the nobleman was there waiting for him to place the silver coins in the youngest daughter stocking. St Nicholas was caught and he begged the nobleman to keep it a secret. Word spread like wildfire and everyone hung out stockings in the hope they would get silver for a Christmas gift.

Modern Day Silver Christmas Gifts

We can’t promise that you silver Christmas gift will turn your story into folklore but we are sure the memories it will bring will be timeless and priceless.

One such gift that will not break the bank at Christmas is our range of silver bookmarks starting at just £16.99 for a silver plated bookmark. It can also be engraved to personalise it further, it could be something as simple as “Christmas 2019”. At the other end of the scale we have a beautiful Britannia Silver Bookmark at £49.99. Britannia Silver Heavy Gauge Large Bookmark, featuring Large Edinburgh Britannia Hallmarks. Our hand crafted bookmarks have the traditional mirror finish to the front and to the back. Handmade and supplied in a Gift Box. This Solid Britannia Silver Bookmark will last for lifetime and is one of our best selling gifts.

Silver Keyrings For Christmas

Another small silver gift perfect for Christmas is our range of silver key rings. We stock a large range of silver key rings from brand new, vintage and antique silver keyring. Starting just at £26.99 its the perfect stocking filler of silver to share the traditions of Christmas with your loved ones.

We also do the Keyring in the more purer Britannia silver for that extra special gift.

Mens Silver Christmas Gifts

Men are not usually difficult to buy for when they reach a certain age. For the small ones we have a selection silver boxes fro keeping those special memories and moments inside.

silver box with picture frame silver Christmas gifts
Silver Boxes

For the dashing young gent around town the perfect Christmas silver gift could be cufflinks. We have a large range of silver cufflinks, something to suit everyone. From novelty silver sports cufflinks or perhaps a classic Celtic design, and we also have silver cufflinks with the Lords Prayer stamped within them.

We also have a great selection of Silver Money clips or Silver plated money clips. If you man still wears a tie we also have some silver tie bars.

Ladies Silver Christmas Gifts

What could be more befitting than giving the lady in your life a lasting silver gift for Christmas. Something what will stand the test of time and cherished for generations. For the little ladies in your life we have some lovely little silver plated compact mirrors. One is round and the other is a pretty heart shaped silver plated compact mirror

We also have a lovely solid silver engraved heart locket and at the moment it is reduced to £19.99 and would make the perfect silver gift for Christmas.

We also have this Solid Silver Heart Necklace is a perfect ladies gift. This beautiful Solid Silver Necklace is supplied in a solid wood gift box. Heart Clasp. Length 16 inches Weight 43 grams.  Less than  half price.

We do have a large range of silver Christmas gifts for the Ladies in your life so please do take a look

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