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Silver Gifts for Christening

by Edinburgh Silver

Christening Gifts In Silver

Giving babies precious metals  has been a tradition in the making for centuries. Of course baby Jesus received his very own gift of gold from one of the wise me. Later the precious metal changed to silver and ever since it has been silver gifts for christening that we give to babies.

We no longer give gifts at births but at the celebration of a Christening. Today silver has been the precious metal of choice and can come in many forms. Christening gifts silver and baptism presents were initially small items of monetary or material value that could be kept as an initial investment for the child’s future.

Silver Christening Spoons 

The giving of silver spoons was started as a tradition in Tudor times and is still as popular today. At Edinburgh Silver we have large selection of Christening Spoons from, Vintage, antique and new. All our spoons can be engraved and personalised if you wish.

curved handled christening spoon
Antique Solid Silver Rare Baby/ Christening Loop Spoon Arthur Price Birmingham 1927

Items from our exclusive Silver Christening Gifts Range

The tradition came to be that which we recognise today when the Victorians latched onto it and began offering silver christening spoons and other eating utensils as silver gifts for christening. Some of these now antique silver christening spoons have survived and are sought after as a special way to welcome a child who is about to be christened into the church. Apostle Spoons are another great Christening gift Baby Spoon Silver

Silver Bibles For Christening Gifts

Silver Bibles can make excellent Silver Gifts for Christening especially if your beliefs are in religion. The bible not only symbolic of your family generations of belief but also to ward off evil with the silver content embellished on the bible.

solid silver christening bible
Silver Hallmarked Black first Bible

It is also a guide book for the future. A reference if you will to help choose the right path for the rest of their lives. With a new silver bible you could be starting your future generations tradition for years to come. Cherished and loved and then passed down to their future offsprings.

Silver Christening Boxes 

Silver  boxes have so many uses apart from just simply beautiful. We have sold many over the years and the feedback and the ideas they have used them for are just Wonderfull. These can also be engraved to your wishes.

Silver Gifts for Christening a mahogany box with solid silver frame
Solid Silver Hallmarked Mahogany Picture Box

They have been used to save the babies teeth as they grow. Some people asked for all the guest to leave a silver coin in the box after the christening. The most heart warming and probably most tearful we have heard. Notes in the box, each guest leaves a little note in the box intended for the baby in his adult years. However one lady could not resist and after a year she opened the box and read the notes let inside. She wept with joy for many days after.

Silver Christening Cups

The toasting of a baby has long been a tradition and probably in every culture. Of course not always with alcohol but if you are in Scotland it would not be tradition without a dram. 

We have all types of Silver tumbler Cups from Tankards, cups and tumblers. These come in either sliver plated christening cups to sterling silver cups. We also have a range of Solid Silver Christening Cups. For an extra special occasion we do have one Antique Solid Silver Christening Cup 

Solid Silver Christening Cup By Robert Scott

Don’t worry if the Antique cup has gone as we always have more coming into stock. Christening cups the perfect Silver Gifts for Christening.

Silver Quaich For Christening

The Scottish loving cup or the cup of friendship. The Quaich is usually deigned with two handles signifying two hands. Therefore the sharing comes into play, two people sharing the one Quaich.

The design of the Quaich can be a little more elaborate than the christening cups. We have an exclusive selection of Quaich’s making them perfect Silver Gifts for Christening.

Giving Silver To Babies and the Myths 

There are ancient roots in the tradition as during pre Christian times, silver was thought to have the power to keep the devil…or evil sprits away. Gifting new babies with a small piece of silver, often in the shape of a coin, was thought to be a way to keep them safe.

This tradition actually lives on today and in many smaller towns and villages across the UK it is not at all unusual to find silver or gold coins placed on top of a baby’s pram as it is pushed through the streets. People do it to wish the new baby well and also as a way of guaranteeing themselves luck for that day.

Silver Sixpence

In 1551 the very first silver sixpence was minted during the reign of King Edward the V1. It soon became the coin of choice and a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The silver sixpence stayed in circulation until 1980.

Silver Sixpence 

The silver sixpence at one time was very much that. In the fact  it had over 92% of silver within the coin itself. This changed in 1920 when the mint reduced the silver to just 50% of its total weight. However the tradition of value still stayed the same in peoples minds.

Common Question about  Silver and Christening 

What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth

Born into a wealthy family with privilege 

Where did the Phrase “Born with a silver spoon” originate. 

There are two schools of thought, One that it was translated from Spanish text. However it was reputed to be first seen in print in a book of Scottish proverbs in 1721. 
In the 1700 people did carry around their own cutlery to show their status in life. At that time a silver spoon was akin to the middle to lower middle class working man. Often these people worked in the fields and their appearance after a days work could look a  little shabby. Hence the reason they carried their cutlery with them. A passport if you will to show that they had Money and not a dirty beggar.rare highly decorative silver spoon for a christening gift

When did gifting present to new born children start.

The first instance is within the bible when Jesus was born. The story of the three wise men bearing gifts. These gifts were not just any gifts but, gifts of wealth and prosperity. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. This is the first documentation of giving gifts to the child, however it may go much further back. This is the first time that precious metals were given to a baby.

When did the tradition start of giving silver spoons at Christenings 

The Tudors started the tradition of giving silver spoons at Christenings. These were well crafted silver spoons but quite basic in design. Edinburgh Silver. single silver spoon

What are good christening gifts for girls

One popular choice for girls is silver christening spoons or Silver Apostle Spoons

What is an Apostle Spoon

A silver Apostle spoon is a sliver spoon with one of the Apostle’ shaped into the handle. We have an article on the Apostle Spoons

Do you sell Apostle spoons

Yes we have 2 Apostle spoon for sale at the moment. One is a 1976 St James Apostle Spoon on the top. The Other is an antique and was made in 1896,  Saint Mark Apostle Spoon – Made by the excellent silversmiths Josiah Williams and George Maudsley Jackson London 

Can silver christening spoons be engraved

yes silver christening spoons are perfect for engraving. The space on the front or the back of the bowl are both suitable for engraving

What is the bowl of a spoon

The bowl is the bottom of the spoon where your food sits, the curve of the actual spoon. This Lords Prayer Spoon has the actual Lords Prayer engraved/stamped in the bowl itself

Why is it called a Scottish Christening Spoon

It is sometimes referred to as the Scottish Christening spoon because for many generations the Scottish people have traditionally given silver spoons as christening gifts. Consequently its called a Scottish Christening spoon

What is Koutaliaphobia

If you look in the urban dictionary Koutaliaphobia refers to the fear of spoons and even the sound that they make. Apparently Liam Payne from one direction suffers from Koutaliaphobia.

We are super excited to say that 2 of our newly commissioned Britannia Silver Napkin rings have been delivered to the shop

Traditional Scottish Christening Gifts

The Scottish people have a long standing tradition of bearing gifts at christening. This goes back many years and does not look like changing anytime soon. Scottish Christening gifts mainly consists of.

Silver Photo Frames

Now if you are still unsure what to buy for the Christening after all those Wonderfull ideas then there is still the fail safe. A silver photo frame will please everyone and it can also be personalised with engraving.

Edinburgh Silver stock a large range of silver photo frames.

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