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silver tumbler cups

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Silver tumbler cups

Our two new unique hand crafted and hand hammered Britannia silver tumbler cups are now in stock. They are  available for next day delivery. We hope you will agree, our tumbler cups are quite magnificent. Therefore as much a work of art as a beautiful drinking vessel. Our Britannia silver cups are heavier than the more common sterling silver cups you will find on the internet and in shops. Of course they are made in the UK and hallmarked in Edinburgh with the distinctive Britannia silver hallmark. Solid Silver Tumbler Cup 

Britannia Silver – Skilled silversmiths use Britannia silver to make impressive pieces preferring the higher purity of Britannia silver to sterling silver.

Why Use Britannia Silver For Our Silver Drinking Cups 

We often get asked why we make almost all our silver using the higher grade Britannia Silver.  Why not use sterling silver. The answer is we consider each piece we offer is as much a small work of art as it is a beautiful gift. We want it to be used and valued for many years to come and handed down the generations. We don’t do  – run of the mill that everyone sells it silver. Edinburgh Silver  does not offer that. Being a small business, we do not make for the mass market. Edinburgh Silver are happy to stay small and offer fine quality artisan silver to our customers. Customers who value fine craftsmanship. Always quality above price. We don’t do average silver tumbler cups or silver drinking cups.

silver tumbler cups


For Sale Our Full Range Of Silver Tumbler Cups 

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The Hallmark On The Silver Drinking Cups

As you can clearly see on the above photo our silver tumbler cups come hallmarked. These are quality silver. Always our guarantee to you. At Edinburgh Silver we pride ourselves on outstanding products and customer service. Therefore if you are ever unsure about anything before your purchase ring us.

We are always happy too answer any questions about the silver we sell. We are that confident about our silver gifts that we can provide provenance to them all.

Silver Tumbler gifts make great silver retirement gifts

How Do They Make Silver Tumbler Cups

Time needed: 1 day and 22 hours.

  1. Blocking/ Sinking

    First of all you start with a flat disc of silver, then using a ball peen hammer start hammering the silver down into a wooden remade shape. This process stars the shaping process as the silver disc is forced down into the concave shape. This starts stretch and thin the silver ball peen hammer used to shape a silver tumbler

  2. Hand raising

    The next stage is to form and compress the shallow bowl shape with a raising hammer over a steel stake. This is performed in a concentric pattern to produce a hollow three dimensional form.
    At this point the silversmith will use a range of different hammers to gently shape his piece of silver.
    This is where the true craftsmanship comes into play.

  3. Bouging

    Bouging is usually done with a wooden, horn or leather mallet to smooth the worked metal after it has been raised.

  4. Caulking

    Caulking is an operation performed to thicken the edge of a vessel being raised. It is usually done after each raising course and before each annealing. Overlapping hammer blows are delivered directly against the edge, at a right angle to the face of a cross peen hammer, while the work piece is held on a sandbag.
    Annealing can take place once the silver has become work hardened. The skilled silversmith can tell when this process has happened just by the sound his hammer makes on the metal.

  5. Annealing

    This is the time to heat the metal to make it more maluble so it can be worked again. Of course the temperature is controlled so it does not get to high and damage the shape. The silver glows like cherry red when its at its optimal. This process prevents the silver from cracking when further work is carried out on the piece. Once heated it is then quenched in a bath of cold water. The next stage is an acid pickling bath

  6. Pickling

    This is to remove the oxidisation from the silver the occurs whilst the previous heat process took place.
    After it has been pickled, the metal is left a matte white colour. This helps in the next cycle of hand raising in seeing the new set of hammer footprints on the surface.
    After the piece is finally shaped, the entire surface can be refined by planishing with a light, half pound planishing hammer, which has a highly polished, slightly convex face, over a responding stake.

  7. Chasing

    Now it’s time to add the decoration unless you just want a simple plain silver tumbler cup. Various tools can be used at this point to either hammer in designs or etching the silver may take place

The Finished Tumbler

As you can see from the description above it is a very labour intensive process making the Silver tumbler cup. A popular form of silver drinking cup from the seventeenth through the eighteenth century, were a type of low round-bottomed cup hammered from a large disk of silver with a base proportionately thicker than the sides. The heavier bottom to the cup provided stability and helped prevent spilling. Tumblers were often used in travelling sets on board ships.

an upside down silver tumbler cup where you can see the detailed hammer marks
Hallmarked with the Edinburgh Silver mark

Celebrate in style with a Silver Drinking Cup

Silver Whisky Tumblers

Silver tumblers are often associated with whisky and every whisky person loves a silver whisky tumbler. Edinburgh Silver stock and sell a large range of Silver Whisky Tumblers. Sometimes referred to as Whisky tots

When drinking your favourite dram, the colour, aroma and taste work together to give its characteristic flavour and individual personality. We supply whisky enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike with an elegant, exquisite vessel of unrivalled quality. 

Simply cradle the vessel in the palm to warm the whisky. For a longer lasting experience, the concave design holds in the warmth and aroma that is released as you drink. If you prefer whisky stones or ice then your tumbler will also keep the spirit cooler for longer.

Silver Tumbler cups make great Silver Christmas Gifts

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