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Solid Silver Key Rings!

by Edinburgh Silver

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 Solid Silver Keyrings. A gift that truly says it with style and love. Too often in todays throw away society we place no value at all on anything. Change it with the stunning silver ingot keyring, something that will be cherished and loved for years 


Edinburgh Silver Keyrings 

Today, I wanted to bring you another post about more of the selection we have here at Edinburgh Silver concerning our Solid Silver Keyrings. Each are perfectly designed and very handy.

Let’s now discuss each special Keyring I have chosen and hopefully you might just find something you love!

Hallmarked Solid Silver Keyring

So, firstly I have chosen this really dainty and delicate looking Solid Silver Hallmarked Key Ring. With it’s simple yet sturdy round shape this keyring would look absolutely great on your set of keys. The keyring is hand-crafted and you can see large hand-punched Edinburgh Feature Hallmarks on the front.

Our Edinburgh Hallmark makes this keyring really exclusive and special to us here at Edinburgh Silver so you’ll be getting something with added uniqueness and meaning. Who knew a keyring could be filled with so much meaning?

Solid Silver Keyring

Hallmarked Solid Silver Keyring Currently OUT OF STOCK 

Mirror Finished Keyring 

The Solid Silver Keyring has a mirror finish to the front and a brushed matt finish to the back which gives this keyring a really subtle contrast in style. This keyring is definitely something different to the usual keyrings you see about the place and I just know you’ll love the way it hangs on your set of keys.

Britannia Silver Keyring 

Next I chose this lovely little Britannia Silver Keyring because I really like the shape of the keyring. Overall and I think it would look really great on a set of, for example, house keys. It’s very finely crafted as you can see and has Birmingham hallmarks down the side which ensure authenticity and high quality. 

Britannia Silver Keyring

Currently out of Stock

We allow you the option to engrave on the front and back of the keyring. So this could be your name or a name of someone you are gifting it to. It’s even an idea to put a phone number onto the Solid Silver Keyring just in the off chance that you do lose your keys and this means someone can contact you. It’s definitely something that can update your jumble of keys and keep them looking neat and easier to find. Absolutely classy and always handy.

Silver Heart Keyring

Next up, I have decided to discuss a personal favourite of mine and it’s this. The  Solid Silver Hallmarked Hand Crafted Heart Key Ring. It  has hand-punched Edinburgh Hallmarks. The Hallmarks are seen flowing around the curves of the heart-shape which I think is a welcome difference and really nicely designed and presented. 

Silver Heart Keyring

Currently out of stock

I really think this Heart-shaped Keyring would make a wonderful gift for a woman and someone you love. Ideally girly and I’m sure your loved woman will be over the moon with such a delicate and intricate little gift.

Romantic Engraved Message 

If you’re feeling especially romantic then you can engrave a special, secret message onto the keyring that would be exclusive to you and the person.

The below keyring is in stock whilst we await replacements for our original heart shaped Silver Keyring 

heart shaped silver keyring with hallmarks

Solid Silver Ingot Keyring

Now, this next keyring does contend with the heart-shaped keyring as being my favourite. I really love this unique looking Solid Silver Hallmarked Large & Heavy Key Ring with large feature hallmarks down the front of the ingot. Very fitting to the Silver business and it’s just a really nice, substantial Keyring that would make a really great addition to your keys.

Solid Silver Ingot Keyring

Currently out of stock

If you’re looking for something a bit different and unusual then this keyring would absolutely suit you and your taste. 

If only I had enough sets of keys to have all of these keyrings…but unfortunately I do not. 

Antique Solid Silver Keyrings

If you would like to go with a little more history than a new silver ingot keyring we have the answer. We have a large selection of antique solid Silver Keyrings. We have an exquisite Birmingham hallmark for Hebert Bushell 1906.

Birmingham hallmark for Hebert Bushell 1906
Birmingham hallmark for Hebert Bushell 1906

Over 100 years old and we have restored this Herbert Bushell to showroom condition. The phrase worth its weight in silver. Well this silver keyring truly is. This Herbert Bushell silver keyring is a one of a kind and once its gone. Yes its gone

View our full range of Antique Solid Silver Keyrings

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