Scottish Silver

There are many items that we acquire and use on a regular basis that aren’t made to last and put function over form. It doesn’t need to be that way forever. There are many beautiful silver items that will transform your life in small ways every single day, every time you use them. They make perfect sense as a gift either for yourself or a loved one. They’ll always stand out from the crowd and through the compliments paid over the years, become gifts that keep on giving. They make the perfect token to mark a special occasion or just to tell that special someone that you love them. A keepsake that will be used regularly and cherished forever – what more could you ask for? 


Silver Bookmark CWLBSH -
Solid Silver Luggage Tag -
Silver Arch Keyring ESCWK -
Silver Money Clip ESSLMCP -
Silver Money Clip ESSLMC -
Silver Paper Knife ESalb -
Silver Paper Knife ESbead -
Silver Paper Knife ESeb -
Silver Paper Knife ESrat -
Silver Mounted Jug 4004gs -
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