Silver Baby Gifts

Bringing a new baby into the family deserves more than a brief celebration, it needs a timeless reminder of this special moment. With a silver baby gift, parents can have a beautiful trinket on the sideboard. Something to take them back to the dizzying rush of their new arrival. Children can have something in a special drawer, to look at on rainy Sundays and remember how excited people were to welcome them to the world.

Silver Baby Gifts

Choose a gift which will become part of the child’s story, something which - with one touch - can transport the family to a precious time. Investing in a classic piece means it can be passed down through the generations, for future branches of the family to enjoy, and look back on with love and affection. The perfect Silver Baby Gift From Edinburgh Silver Why not buy them a family heirloom and invest in an Antique Silver Napkin Ring  

Solid Silver Bibles
also make great Baby Gifts 

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Silver Plated Quaich CH5H -
Silver Christening Cup CC4 -
Solid Silver Cup ESPcup1 -
Solid Silver Quaich ESCP3 -
Vintage Silver Dish 1929 -
Solid Silver Tumbler Cup -
Solid Silver Quaich ESQ4pi -
Silver Quaich WW1935 -
Silver Quaich ESCP4 -
Silver Quaich Celtic Design -
Silver Quaich ESCP5 -
Silver Quaich HI 1962 -
Silver Quaich JD 2002 -