Silver Bookmarks

There’s nothing more exciting to an avid reader than a new book. There’s a sense of anticipation, a feeling of the unknown. There are so many pages ahead, waiting to transport them to new realities and worlds. Those without a silver bookmark often try to remember their page number. Sometimes with varying degrees of success or simply use whatever scrap of paper comes to hand.

Solid Silver Bookmarks

A hobby so enjoyable and priceless deserves a silver bookmark that’s special. Perhaps you want to save your current page in style Remembering all the books that have previously been read every time you touch your favourite bookmark. Or perhaps you simply want to give the book reader in your life a gift they’ll remember. Every single  time they pick up their next adventure! The silver bookmark is the perfect gift to perosnalise with our engraving service 
All our Bookmarks are in stock and available for immediate delivery - including same day engraving


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