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Silver Cufflinks

Silver Cufflinks have been popular for a number of centuries but it is thought to have been Charles II who began wearing them regularly and popularized the ornamental clasps.

Before solid silver cufflinks were used, men simply closed their cuffs with string! Whilst this may have been practical it wasn’t pretty and in the 17th century men with the means were all about pretty!

Early cufflinks were gold, silver or cheaper metals and they were often studded with gems such as pearls or rubies. Cheaper versions generally sported turquoise or garnet as their ornamentation.

Today men still wear cufflinks for everyday work wear or for special occasions and they make a great choice of special gift for the man who has everything.

If you want to make a gift of cufflinks really special, then the good news is that hey are an item which can easily be personalised with a monogram and the choice in terms of design is endless.

Monogrammed silver cufflinks can be solid silver or plated silver. Cufflinks which are aimed at younger men are these days often to be found in fun or novelty shapes.

Classic cufflinks with engraved designs are a good choice for the man who likes his accessories to be only a little on the fancy side!

If you would like to buy a special person in your life some silver cufflinks and want something that little bit special, then antique cufflinks could be a wonderful idea.

Many antique cufflinks come in their original boxes which are often is excellent condition but if you prefer, you may buy a new box and once the antique cufflinks have been cleaned, they can be presented in this.

Caring for antique or new silver cufflinks is not problematic. If there are no stones in the cufflinks such as onyx or diamonds…both popular choices in cufflinks, then you may proceed in the same way as you would with any piece of silver jewellery.

The best care for silver cufflinks is regular care; after each outing, the cufflinks should be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth. This will do more than a regular polishing which can wear silver.

A cotton cloth simply removes any oils or debris which has accumulated during the day without rubbing off any of the silver…this is particularly important with regards to plated silver.

Silver cufflinks are a good choice for most men when you want to offer a gift which has sentimental value and which they will treasure.

Even men who like casual clothing will have some times in their life when a set of silver cufflinks are needed; weddings and award ceremonies are just two of the formal occasions when it is important to wear cufflinks.

Whether you choose solid silver cufflinks or silver plated cufflinks, the gift will be very much admired and if you choose carefully should not date and will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Silver Gifts for Men

Silver gifts for men can be the perfect answer to the perennial problem of buying for males!

It’s a common problem…what to buy for the man who has everything? Silver gifts for men are often much appreciated and treasured as they can last a lifetime.

What type of silver gifts for men might be suitable for a particular friend or loved one? Practical or ornamental it doesn’t matter as long as you have a ponder on the hobbies and habits of the recipient you will be sure to find the perfect silver gift for the man in your life.

Silver tankards are a popular choice for men and you may find great examples in solid silver or plated silver. Tankards can be engraved with a special date and also used in a practical sense.

Considering whether your recipient might like an antique silver tankard is also a sensible idea as some of these are very beautiful and can be bought at a reasonable price.

If you don’t feel a silver tankard is the right choice for your gift, why not consider a silver tie bar or set of silver cufflinks? These can be worn and used regularly and a solid silver tie bar is a really special gift when it comes to men who wear formal attire every day but it won’t break the bank.

If you need something special for a gold lover, then why not think about a silver golf tee? There are many silver golf gifts available today including silver golfing hip flasks and marker sets too.

Gifts for men in solid silver or silver plate are certainly varied and you will find a great choice of reasonably priced items out there.

Silver letter knives and bookmarks are lovely presents for the home office and are usually very much appreciated.

If you are looking for something which can easily be engraved with a longer message then a sliver hip flask is a great choice as even those hipflasks which have a design on them will usually have one side free for an engraving.

Popular choices are loving messages or special dates and silver hipflasks are great for men who enjoy outdoor and sporting activities. They are a practical and yet luxurious present which will be treasured for many years to come.

Remember to present your silver gifts well…a special gift deserves good presentation and gift wrapping! After care for your silver gifts is also important and it might be a good idea to provide some good cleaner and a soft cloth.

Silver is a soft metal and it is known to wear quite easily…this is especially true of silver plate.

If silver is kept clean with regular dusting a light wiping, then polishing with silver cleaner is something which will not need to be done on a regular basis.

Silver cleaner actually removes a very thin layer of the metal along with the tarnish. To help stop tarnish from building up it is a good idea to use a cotton cloth regularly to remove any invisible oil or dirt which may have built up on the silver.

Solid silver
Solid silver, or sterling silver, is an alloy of silver having minimum fineness of 925. Solid silver contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. As pure silver (99.9% purity) is too soft for making large resourceful and utilitarian objects, silver is usually alloyed with copper (in the above mentioned percentage) so as to give it added strength whilst preserving silver's ductility and preciousness. Copper is primarily chosen in solid silver as it offers improved resistance to tarnish
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