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Silver Napkin Rings

 Solid Silver Hallmarked Napkin Rings: The Ideal Gift for New Babies

Silver is a traditional gift for christenings and newborn babies across many different religions and cultures. There are a lot of choices out there nowadays but if you’re looking for something simple and meaningful, then a small silver napkin ring is ideal.

There’s quite a big collectors market for antique silver napkin rings and you can pick up some remarkable pieces for under £100 if you do your research and look around. These can vary in value depending on the date they were made and the provenance. A rare, vintage Alwyn Carr napkin ring that was produced in 1922, for example, could sell for just under £5,000.

The History of Solid Silver Napkin Rings

While they are often seen as purely decorative nowadays, napkin rings did have a set function when they first started to appear in France at the beginning of the 19th century.

Affluent people used the same napkin throughout the day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. The napkin would be clean at the start of the day and, once a meal had been finished, it was rolled up and put in the ring that was usually identified with the owner's initials.

When the next meal was ready, they would pull their napkin out of the ring and use it again. Most household linen in middle-class households was only washed towards the end of the week so keeping track of your napkin during the day was very important.

Napkin rings spread through the affluent in Europe as they became a symbol of status and each member of the family would have their own, identifiable ring. Over the years, more silversmiths around the world made silver napkins and the designs varied considerably. Some were just simple rings with initials on them, others, particularly those for children, were sometimes embellished with designs such as silver animals.

Silver Napkins for New Babies

Giving napkin rings as christening presents also became popular during this time and the tradition has remained to this day. An antique napkin ring not only has intrinsic value because of the silver but it can have both sentimental and provenance value depending on where it was made and who it belonged to.

A silver napkin is ideal for christenings because it is relatively small and can become a much-valued keepsake. It can also be engraved with the initials of the baby.

Why Antique Silver Napkin Rings are the Perfect Gift for New Babies

Some of the most collectable napkin rings were made around the turn of the 20th century when the craze was probably at its height. Collectors love these types of antiques simply because of their personal nature. While only small, the variations in design are also quite amazing when you consider the shape is a simple ring.

The good news is that antique silver because it is highly collectable, is likely to grow in value over the years which makes it a good investment for the future of the baby. Picking the right antique silver napkin ring, however, is the key.

One of the main advantages of opting to buy a silver napkin ring for a new baby is that there is scope when it comes to pricing. If your budget is limited, you can invest in a ring that is under £100 and still expect it to grow in value over the years. If you have a bigger budget, searching around for a rarer napkin ring can certainly be an option.

Tips for Buying and Collecting Antique Silver Napkin Rings

There is a large market for antique and vintage napkin rings around the world today. During the 19th and 20th centuries, almost every reputable silversmith in the world was making them so there is a wide choice if you are planning on collecting or buying as an investment for a child at their christening.

1. Finding Antique Silver Napkin Rings

Silver napkin rings turn up in the most unlikely of places, from car boot sales to house clearances and the key is identifying that they are of value. If you are buying one for a newborn for a christening or other event, however, it’s important to choose a reputable dealer where you can be sure of quality and provenance.

At Edinburgh Silver, we offer a wide range of antique and vintage silver napkin rings that are ideal for christenings. Find out more here.

2. Checking the Hallmark

With any antique silver product, the key to quality is in the hallmark. This usually involves several individual stamps that highlight where the napkin ring was made, who by and the quality of the metal as well as the date. It’s a good idea to get to know all you can about hallmarks so you can spot a bargain if you come across one.

3. Buying for an Antique Silver Napkin for a Baby

When you buy an antique silver napkin for a baby, one of the problems is whether the item has been engraved or not. If you’re buying the ring as an investment for the future, this may not be such a problem but it’s worth bearing in mind before you part with your money. Physically removing a previous inscription can damage the silver and make it weaker unless undertaken by a specialist.

4. What to Spend

The good news is that you can find antique and silver napkin rings across a broad spectrum of prices so there’s something for everyone. It’s worth checking, however, that the price you are being asked for matches the market value, something which you can often do online or by talking to a silver specialist.

5. Restoration

Antique silver napkins can get left in drawers over the years and become tarnished. Restoring an item like this requires specialist treatment. This is more than just general cleaning and it’s important to use the services of a qualified silversmith. Check out our overview of restoring silver napkins here.

Where to Buy Antique Silver Napkin Rings

At Edinburgh Silver, we offer a range of antique and vintage silver napkin rings, many dating back to the turn of the last century. These are excellent gifts for christenings and will certainly retain their value over time. Extremely collectable, they make the perfect keepsake for a new child.

Browse our current selection of antique silver napkin rings today.

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