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Silver Champagne Cups 1913 – Restored

by Edinburgh Silver

We have restored this fine pair of Antique solid silver goblets to near new condition. We have added solid Gold gilding to the inside, and given them a full clean and removed any dents or marks. They have gone through a series of polishing to give them a mirror finish. A unique gift of old goblets from 1913 that now look like they were made last week. Another great unique Antique silver gift from Edinburgh Silver, find them here on our website – https://www.edinburghsilver.co/antique-silver-gifts/silver-pair-champagne-cups-1913/

Antique Solid Silver Pair of Champagne Goblets – over 100 years old and made by The renowned Silversmiths Walker and Hall. They stand 10 cm. tall, bowl diameter 8.5 cm. and weigh a impressive 102 grams 3.5 oz each, with newly gold gilded bowls. A truly exceptional gift.  These cups would make a wonderful Wedding or Silver Anniversary gift. They are supplied in a smart gift box.  

                                 We have fully restored these beautiful silver cups to near new condition.

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