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Silver Photo Frames 8 x 10

by Edinburgh Silver

Photo Frames 8 x 10 that’s inches to be precise and if you are of a certain age its that simple. Wait though, since 1973 when Great Britain joined the European Union the measurements started changing.

It was around 1977 that retail started using metrification. This is even though the government made an official policy on  metrication in 1965. Even today our measurements are still no clearer. Gallons, litres and ounces and grams.

8 x 10 inch silver photo frame

Photo Frames 8 x 10

So if you are teenager today would you ask for a 8 X 10 silver photo frame. Or would you ask for a 20 cm by 25cm photo frame. If you wanted to be exact the 8 x 10 inches is 203.2 millimetres by 254 millimetres.

Of course no one goes by millimetres when ordering picture frames so for simplicity it was rounded down to 20cm X 25cm.

Photo Frames 8 x 10 or 10 X 8 Inches

Of course they way you ask for the size of your photo frames depends. It all depends if you are displaying a portrait picture or a landscape. The portrait or landscape only refers to the orientation of the picture itself.

If you have a beautiful group wedding photo it will more than likely be in landscape mode. Only because its the orientation of landscape it doesn’t mean you have a view of a landscape like a mountain range.

silver picture frame 8 inches by 10 inches with beading around the frame
Beaded frame

Photo Frame or Picture Frame

Another dilemma, photo or picture frame. What is the correct terminology, does a photo become a picture once placed inside a frame? Or is a picture something else entirely.

Whatever you call it, either a silver photo frame or a silver picture frame we at Edinburgh Silver know exactly what you mean. If you ask for a Photo Frames 8 x 10 or a 10 X 8 we are here to help.

large border solid silver picture frame 8 inches by 10 inches
Large Silver Border Photo Frame

Choosing Your Silver Photo Frames 10 x 8

Once you have decided how you will order your silver photo frame, inches or cm. The next decision is what style photo frame you want. The first consideration is for what occasion is the silver picture frame for.

Is it for a wedding, christening or a graduation gift. It could simply be a birthday or a Christmas gift. The one thing about Photo Frames 8 x 10 is they are a good size. They make a statement so choose your style wisely. A frame 20 cm by 25cm is no shrinking violet when it comes to picture frames.

Styles of Silver Frames 10 by 8 Inches

Being such a large picture frame the choice is a little more limited than the standard 6 x 4 silver photo frame. We have a beautiful hallmarked 10 by 8 Inches photo frame made by Carrs of Sheffield. Quality finished with. wooden back on the photo frame.

Hallmarked silver photo frames 8 x 10 inches
Hallmarked Silver Photo Frame

Silver Hallmarked Photo Frame. Flat narrow rectangular frame, mahogany finish back. Photo Size 25x20cm or 10×8 inches. Supplied in a gift box.

silver photo frame 25 cm by 20cm
Flat narrow rectangular frame
Can You Engrave Photo Frames 8 x 10 inches

Yes you can engrave the frames as you can all the picture frames from Edinburgh Silver. You can either have the frame engraved or if you prefer we can engrave a stainless steel plaque and attach it to the back of the frame.

How many different fonts do you have for engraving

We have a selection of 10 different fonts for your personal engraved message.

Do you have a helpline to help me choose Photo Frames 8 x 10

Yes at Edinburgh Silver we will gladly answer any questions or queries that you have. We even provide you with a freephone number 0800-0197-044

Photo Frames 8 x 10 are they both portrait and landscape

Yes the back of the photo frame comes with a bi lateral stand. This means it will either stand as a portrait picture frame or a landscape photo frame.

How many Pixels does my photo need to be to fill a 10 x 8 photo frame

If you have bought your camera in the last few years there is no need to worry. Most modern cameras shoot around a 10 meg picture with is more than enough to enlarge to a 10 x 8 picture.

A digital photo of around 8 meg with a resolution of 2816 by 2112 should be enough to give you a high res picture for your 10 by 8 inches photo frame. It would give you a good normal print of 19 x 14

Do you clean silver picture frames the same as any silver object

Yes if its silver you clean it exactly the same. Of course before cleaning remove the photo/picture, the glass and the back of the picture frame before starting the cleaning process. Follow our comprehensive silver cleaning guide

Don’t be fooled by cheaper imitation silver photo frames made from zinc

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