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Silver Graduation Gifts

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Graduation Gifts

As a parent it’s a very special moment when one of our children graduates from University. Of course it is a proud moment for the child as well. I say child, they no longer are but as a parent you always see them as your child. Always caring for them no matter who old they may be. So it is important to get them a special graduation gift to remember that day.

What do you buy them, the choice is never easy as the graduation is a lifetimes achievement so why not buy them something that will last a lifetime. A silver graduation gift will last a lifetime, in fact once you buy quality silver it will last generations.

silver picture frame perfect for graduation day gifts

Silver Graduation Gifts

Why silver as a graduation gift you may ask. Well silver has been in existence forever. It was originally mined in the BC, before christ was born and it is even mentioned in the book of Genesis. So silver a much traded commodity will still be around for centuries to come.

Of course you have to know that you are buying quality silver and it has the relevant hallmarks as well. The graduation day is once in a lifetime so make the gift memorable as well. It is not only an investment on your behalf but also an investment for your child. Heaven forbid but silver will always be valuable and its value  will never diminish.

perfect graduation gift heart shaped silver mirror box

The Graduation Day

There are records dating back to the 12th century for graduation days and silver has existed long before then. Therefore  this makes it a perfect graduation gift. Whether it be a new piece of silver or maybe more fitting some antique silver. The choice is your as at Edinburgh Silver we have Both choices.

The Graduation day is steeped in tradition and ceremony so there is no other perfect way to celebrate than with silver. A memorable day never to be forgotten. The tradition is that deep that the University of Edinburgh has a precise dress code dependant on what degree you have taken. If you are not dressed correctly then you will not be let in and you will not graduate. There are over 60 different combinations of graduation robes and colours.

silver bangle graduation gift for her

The University Of Edinburgh

The university of Edinburgh was founded back in 1582 and is the 6th oldest university in the English speaking world. (source) The University of Edinburgh owns many of the old buildings in the city and is inherent in Edinburgh’s history.

What more fitting way could you celebrate a gradation other than with some Scottish silver. Designed and created with craftsmanship ant tradition the perfect graduation gift for all.

What To Buy For A Graduation Gift

To get to your graduation it is  life of study for many years before you get to the fins passing out day. Do you get them something to reflect those studies. A hand crafted silver bookmark would be fitting after spending many a day with their heads buried in books. So fitting and it could be a perfect graduation gift for her or perfect graduation gift for him.

Solid Silver Bookmark

It can be simple plain silver bookmark just with the hallmarks stamped on the. To personalise that graduation gift we can engrave your special memories on the reveres side of the bookmark. We supply many variations of silver bookmarks from solid silver bookmarks to silver plated bookmarks. These bookmarks can be finished of with colourful braided silk for that extra personal touch.


A bookmark suits the educational theme and is perfect for keeping in their professional books and textbooks… or even as a keepsake. We offer to you 3 colours of tassels – standard blue, baby blue and baby pink. So you can choose whichever colour you wish.
Solid Silver Bookmark Tassels the perfect graduation gift

A Solid Silver Picture Frame For Graduation.

As time goes by digital pictures have become the norm and it seems that we display less photos around our homes. Once upon a time it was a prized possession in the home a photo perfectly framed in a silver photo frame. Even photo frames in this world have become a throw away commodity. Often imported from China and made from Zinc rather than having any silver within the plating.
solid silver picture frame the perfect graduation gift
Some traditions are worth keeping and there is no better way to do this and display a picture of your offsprings graduation in a solid silver photo frame. Quality stands the test of time and is cherished so much more. Take a look at our selection of silver photo frames, perfect as a graduation gift. You could even get a solid silver picture frame to display their graduation papers.
Silver Frame Feature Hallmarks for the graduation day

His and Hers Graduation Gifts Silver Paper Knife

A paper knife or more probably better know as a letter opener. I know that email’s are more common today than writing letters. However it’s a skill that every child should learn. A simple task of putting pen to paper to express a desire, a wish or feelings. One tradition that should never be lost, the written word on paper.
Silver Paper Knife a perfect graduation gift for him and her
So what better way than to open such a letter, with style and distinction. Truly a lasting graduation gift, a silver letter opener. Furthermore we can personalise the paper knife with engraving their name and date of birth. You could even engrave the year they graduated and the subject they did scholar in. The choice is entirely yours to make. Take a look at are selection of graduation sliver letter openers at Edinburgh Silver.

Graduation Gifts For Him

If you need some more specific for your son as a graduation gift with have a large selection of silver gifts to choose from. We have a large selection of quality silver cufflinks. Silver plated money clips, and solid silver tie bars. For those who like globing we have the ultimate in a Silver Golf Marker set complete with a divot repair tool as well. Graduation gifts for a prince.
Graduation gift for him silver plated money clip with embossed design
Looking for something more a little discreet then we have Britannia Silver Handmade Collar stiffeners. Another classy unusual gift is our Solid Silver Tooth Pic. Certainly a silver gift to make you stand out from the crowd on any occasion. Most of our Silver Gifts for him can be engraved and personalised. However if you are unsure then please do speak to us and will will give advice with your best interests at heart. Graduation Gifts For Him
pair of silver collar stiffeners perfect graduation gift

15 Silver Graduation Gifts for Him

  • Silver Collar Stiffeners
  • Silver Money Clip
  • Silver Tooth Pick
  • Silver Tie Bar
  • Silver Kilt Pen
  • Silver Plated Ruler
  • Silver Plated Luggage Tag
  • Silver Plated Golf Marker Set
  • Silver Cufflinks
  • Solid Silver St Christopher
  • Silver Plated Whisky Tot
  • Solid Silver Compass
  • Silver Bookmarks
  • Silver Letter Opener
  • Silver Plated Key Ring

Britannia Silver Cufflinks Edinburgh great as a graduation gift

Silver Graduation Gifts For Her

If you are lucky enough to have a princess in your life then we have the perfect Graduation Gifts for her. Elegance and ever lasting  beauty, like your daughter we have the silver gifts for her. Something a little more refined for the ladies. So what do you get for your daughter who has just graduated. 

Edinburgh Silver Solid silver business card holder the perfect graduation gift

Solid Silver Business Card Holder

We have a beautiful Solid Silver Business Card holder for her. Yes it may be good for the sons but your daughter could become a powerhouse in the world of business. Buy her a silver gift that shows you believe in her even more and raise your daughters expectations to achieve in the big world.

solid silver kilt pin from Edinburgh Silver the perfect graduation gift

Kilt Pin

12 Graduation Gifts For Her

  • Silver Business Card Holder
  • Silver Picture Frame
  • Solid Silver Bangle
  • Silver Kilt Pin
  • Solid Silver Heart Shaped Box
  • Solid Silver Heart Necklace
  • Silver Plated Heart Shaped Compact Mirror
  • Ball Point Pen Silver Plated
  • Silver Plated Ladies Golf Spoon
  • Sterling Silver Duck pin Cushion
  • Solid Silver Travel Alarm Clock
  • Silver Paper Knife

Last week we received a question on our blog and Facebook from a reader about ideas for a Graduation Day Gift. Therefore we have included a nice list 

Silver Retirement Gifts

Disclaimer: Prices May Be subject to change due to the fluctuations in silver bullion prices

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