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Contemporary Silver

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Contemporary Silver

Contemporary silver is having a renaissance at the moment. As people are choosing a more streamlined and Scandinavian influenced look for their homes. They want good quality beautiful and unfussy silver pieces to add to their collections of ornaments and utensils.
The focus is less on disposable and more on longevity of useful purpose. Things which will last a lifetime are coveted and if something has the potential to become a family heirloom then so much the better!

Silver Tablewear

Contemporary silver tableware and contemporary silver ornaments such as silver photograph frames. Also silver vases and silver candlesticks are covetable items and as the demand grows so does production of high quality and beautiful pieces.
If you are looking at contemporary silver as an addition to your home, then a good place to begin is in the dining room. Setting your table with lovely silver pieces is very satisfying and when they are not in use. Silver items also make a lovely display.

The Silver Dining Table

The dining room is an often neglected place within many homes. However once you begin to choose some lovely pieces for it. You will find that it fast becomes one of your favourite rooms.
Silver candlesticks and silver centrepieces for flowers make a good beginning and equally. Also silver napkin rings and silver decanters will add to the general elegance of your space.
If you wish to carry the silver theme further through your home then silver frames and silver mirrors are a lovely way of adding light. Along with glamour and sparkle to your home.

Cleaning The Silver

Silver, like mirror will always reflect light back into the room and so your light is effectively doubled when you add plenty of silver to a space.
Caring for your silver is an important part of enjoying it so making the cleaning and polishing of your silver as important a part as using it is important.
Once you have washed the silver in warm, soapy water then it is important to dry it very thoroughly.
Then you may choose to buff it gently with a clean, dry cotton cloth. Unless your silver is very tarnished then there is no reason to use a proper silver cleaning cream on it. Be careful and regular polishing with a clean cloth will in fact prolong the life of your silver. Consequently  far more than using “proper” silver cleaner will do.
Silver polish can in fact remove layers of metal and deteriorate the piece over time. This is an especially important point to remember if your silver is, silver plated rather than solid silver.

Choose Quality Silver

Contemporary silver is a wonderful tool for making your home into a luxurious haven and if you keep your eyes open then you will find that it is reasonably easy to pick up stunning pieces at relatively low prices.
The most important part of having any lovely silver utensils is that using them will be the best way to enjoy them. Don’t fall into the trap of keeping things “for best”. Rather  make every day a “best” day and use the lovely silver that you have collected. 

Silver Trophies

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