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Table Setting Cutlery In Silver

by Edinburgh Silver

We often reserve all the best cutlery and silver wear for special occasions. However those special occasions seem to get further apart and become distant memories as we get older. The table setting cutlery.

In the Victorian time and the Georgian times you were nobody if your table wasn’t adorned with silver. Well a few pieces at the very least but now we seem to put everything to the back of the cupboards.

Make Time Make It Special

In this busy world of life today its all too easy to stick the convenience food in the microwave. The sit watching TV without a single intellectual word spoken. The world isn’t moving that fast its just that we choose to think it is.

The trend is we don’t have tome to cook, and we certainly don’t have time to sit at a table let alone set a table to eat at. Set the cutlery on the table.

Table Setting Cutlery
Stunning Silver Centrepiece

Stop the World I want To Get Off

We are all victims of the merry go round world and its ever increasing pace. We are victims because we allow it to happen and it’s time for it to stop. At least once a week we should partake in a little ceremony. The Japanese have one of the worlds longest life expectancies in the world.

Is it coincidence that the Japanese live so long or is it something else? They partake in many ceremonies even from the simple pleasure of drinking tea. Yes the tea ceremony takes a while and is full of intricacies but at the same its captivating. However the simple truth is at that moment in time the world stops and the tea is everything.

Set The Table and Relax

Our table setting may not be as steeped in history as the Japanese. Oh wait a minute our civilisation goes back quite a few hundred years as well. Anyway just stop for a while at least once a week to take the time. The world can wait and it will carry on without you.

Pick a day of the week, plan and perfect your Table setting Cutlery. Even if it’s for a simple meal take that time and create the perfect able setting. Perhaps even a flower on the table in a silver flower holder. Make it special, indulge in taking time for yourself and your loved ones

breakfast setting Table Setting Cutlery
Sunday morning breakfast, coffee, toast and orange juice. Where have those lazy days gone

Table Setting Cutlery The Traditions

In this ever changing casual society we owe it to our children to pass on our family traditions. Even create new family traditions. There will come a time that sitting at a table to eat a meal will become a thing of the past. The microwave TV dinners diminished the quality time families spent at the dining table.

A simple pleasure a simple time to sit and eat dinner with the ones who matter. Passing on this simple tradition of setting the table will bring stability and peace to our children. Table Setting Cutlery a simple time consuming process but one that helps clear the mind.

Bring Out the Silver

If your lucky enough to have a little silver table wear then do not leave it in the cupboard. Break out the silverware and use it in table setting cutlery. The best way to look after your silver cutlery is to use it. Never leave it in the box unused as the silver will just tarnish.

However if your silver is tarnished we have the perfect guide to cleaning your silver. Even if you do not cook on that one day a week get the silver out and the fish and chips will taste so much better.

Silver Tableware

  • Silver Salt & pepper pots
  • Coasters silver of course
  • Silver cutlery
  • Wine coaster in silver
  • Silver Napkin rings
  • Solid Silver wine decanter
  • Magnum silver claret jug
  • Silver candlestick
  • Toast rack in silver
  • Solid silver cocktail shaker

Silver Cutlery Place Settings

Grab the duster and polish the silver cutlery, this should be the fist step in your table setting. Often bought as a silver wedding gift but always underused. It’s even an excuse to indulge a little more. Starters, mains and then puddings.

The food doesn’t have to be extravagant in cost or time to prepare. Just indulge in the time at the table. Have the starter and have a break, talk to the people that you are sharing the table with. Then the main with the correct cutlery for the main of course. Next the piece de resistance the pud, the desert. Silver Cutlery Designs

How To Set The Cutlery

This depends on how many course the meal is going to be. However the general rule of thumb is to start on the outside of the cutlery. Then work your way in towards your plate ending on the main course. Next above your plate is the desert / pudding cutlery

Table Setting Cutlery

For a simple 3 course meal you would have your cutlery for your starter. On this example it is a knife and fork on the outside. Old traditions it would have been a spoon for soup. Then usually for the main course, next to the plate another knife and fork. These are slightly bigger in size. Then comes the desert knife and fork.

Traditional Cutlery Settings

Traditionally soup was always served first, even a two course meal would consist of a soup and a main. However it seems that soup has fell not only from tradition but from peoples pallets. Its now considered food for slimmers with is a shame as soup can be wonderful food.

traditional silver cutlery set, soup spoon, main course silver knife and fork, desert silver spoon and fork picture links to product
Traditional silver cutlery set. Soup spoon, main course silver knife and fork. Then desert silver spoon and fork

Traditionally even as far as a five course meal you would have soup to start with. Only on a six course would you have Hors d’oeuvres first then of course the next course would be soup. At Edinburgh Silver we have a large selection on Silver Cutlery.

Forgotten Silver Cutlery The Fish Knife

Soup may have fallen out of favour but not as much as a fish knife. Yes we do still eat fish but usually as a main course. Today we just use a normal knife, who still owns a silver fish knife. Long gone are the traditions of having a fish course before the meat course.

Fish Knife

Usually the fish course came into play in a five course meal. Soup first then the fish dish. Next came the meat dish and then the dessert. The last course one of my favourites the cheese course. We have fish knifes and the children just think they are plain weird. Bring back the silver fish knife.

Table Setting Cutlery Now The Extras

They always say dress to impress and why not use the same philosophy when dressing your table for dinner. The same applies dress the table to impress. Decorate with style, pomp and circumstance. Make the neighbours go green with envy and get out your best silver tableware.

Silver Claret Jug

This certainly a show stopper on your table setting. Made from solid silver and hallmarked, this can also be engraved as well. Made from lead crystal Magnum Silver Claret Jug.

silver claret jug hallmarked made from lead crystal perfect for the dinner table
Click To Buy

Claret can be served with a number of dishes and I would suggest a main course. If it is a light young claret a burger would suffice or a chicken dish. If the claret is a little more complex and aged which makes it a little heavier. I would then suggest something richer in taste such as roast lamb dish. Or a steak with a rich jus, a beef bourguignon would also be great.

Claret would also pair with some cheeses as well. A perfect piece to enhance any table setting.

Table Setting Cutlery & Silver Napkin Rings

There is nothing nicer than coming to the table and having a nice cloth napkin. Please not a paper napkin were not in Burger King. If you have a nice set of heavy cloth napkin rings what better way to dress them. Silver napkin rings and this depends on your taste and budget.

Silver Napkin Rings Over a Thousand Pounds

Alwyn Carr Napkin Ring
Alwyn Carr Napkin Ring
 London 1922 by Alwyn Carr Dimensions: 59mm high x 50mm wide; 48g weight. Price £2,675.00
The Owl & The Pussy Cat Napkin Rings
the owl and the pussy cat 6 silver napkin rings
Birmingham 1998 Sizes: Width – 7 cm  – height  4 cm. Weight – 60 grams Price: £1,275.00

Silver Napkin Rings Between £500 & £1000

Triangle Silver Napkin Ring by Omar Ramsden
triangle silver napkin ring by Omar Ramsden
London 1918  by Omar Ramsden  triangle shape it weighs 63g and is 6cms high and 5cms. Price: £885.00
Hexagonal Antique Silver Napkin Ring By Omar Ramsden
Antique hexagon silver napkin ring by Omar Ramsden  picture take you to the shop
London 1912 by Omar Ramsden & Alwyn Carr Dimensions: 45mm high x 53mm wide; weight- 43g. Price: £785.00


Napkin Rings Under £100

Silverware For The Wine & Drink

Never forget the wine and be merry. We have mentioned our Claret jug which would work with any red wine. I know not many people have what they used to call a sideboard, or a little posher a dinner cabinet. However how you choose to display your spirts these will set the scene.

Solid Silver Crystal Decanters

Edinburgh Silvers selection of Silver Crystals Decanters. Silver Decanters

Silver Decanter Labels

If you are setting the style you may as well go all the way. Finish off your stunning silver decanters with our silver decanter labels. Most of our decanter labels are made in Britannia Silver and are hallmarked.

All the silver decanter labels can be engraved with the wine or sprit of your choice. Or you could simple put on a personalised message.

Silver Coaster

Now if you want to go all out with presenting your wine then you have to get a silver coaster. Well ideally 2 actually, one for the red wine and one for the white wine. We supply coasters for sale in solid silver or silver plated wine coasters

Making Silver coasters ideal if you want to make a strong impression at the next dinner party you host. They also make beautiful gifts, perfect for special occasions. Whether for your own home or as a gift for someone else, bottle coasters are the perfect way to enjoy a bottle of wine in style.

Table Setting Cutlery & Condiments

If you really want to push the boat out and adorn your table in silverware we have a perfect matching set for slat and pepper. These solid silver Georgian hallmarked condiment set are a real treasure.

Table Setting Cutlery solid silver condiment set

Measuring 11cm tall and heavy in the hand and the pocket. The price tag comes in at £499 but we promise they won’t ever go down in value over time. Consequently they will become a family heirloom. Something a little less expensive we have the silver salt mill.

silver and wood salt mill link goes to buy me page
Solid Silver and wood Capstan Shape Salt Mill 4 inches high. A fine Sterling silver salt mill made in the UK by master silversmiths. £94.99

Silver Candlestick Holders

Ideally in pairs but a single silver candlestick would be enough for a couple sharing a romantic meal. You could even have your names engraved on each side to be a true romantic. For the men who have a short memory ensure the wife name is facing you so you never forget.

Table Setting Cutlery

The table setting cutlery and the silver candlestick. We have two options of candlesticks. Solid silver candlestick holders or Silver Plated Candlestick holder

silver plated candlestick holder
Silver Plated Candlestick Holder £69.99

Table Setting Cutlery The Centre Piece

Now every table needs a great centre piece to complete the look. We haven’t a specific piece of silverware exactly for this purpose. However we do have a perfect piece of silverware that can be adapted for your centrepiece display

solid silver hallmarked basket

Solid Silver Hallmarked Basket Sheffield 2000 with superb pierced work, in unused condition, made by CJ Vander for Harrods knightsbridge. Sizes; width 25cm X 22 – height to top of swing handle 25cm height to top excluding handle 9cm. Weight 560 grams. Stunning and half the price of Harrods

silver cutlery flowers in a silver bowl how to dress a silver table , Table Setting Cutlery

Table Setting Cutlery & Other Silverware For The Table

We might all have one that we used one Christmas or New Years Eve. It might not be in silver but in the back of a cupboard and we have forgotten about it, there will be one. What am I talking about, come on shake your memory. You there yet ! the cocktail shaker of course.

Silver Plated Cocktail Shaker £169.99

Most people use them a few times and then that’s the end. Well with our silver plated cocktail shaker you won’t be wanting to throw this in a cupboard. 8 inches high and a bit of luxury at the bar. Literally shake your stuff.

The Forgotten Silver Toast Rack

Once upon a time this was a cherished common wedding gift. Every newly married couple had one of these a few years ago. They probably still have the silver toast rack somewhere in the loft.

picture links to shop Table Setting Cutlery silver toast rack
Solid Sterling Silver Hallmarked Hand Crafted Toast Rack Price: £169.99

The Silver toast rank never sees the table setting or the cutlery. This is definitely a victim of todays busy lifestyles. Does anyone ever sit at the table on a Sunday morning anymore. Make the coffee (or tea) do the toast and then place them in the rack. A lazy morning reading the papers, relaxing and chatting, eating toast. A sad time we live in.

solid silver coffee pot by HG Murphy
Solid Silver Coffee Jug by H G Murphy with Celtic Band, Hand Raised London 1934. Price £850

Arts and Crafts Solid Silver Coffee Jug of the very finest quality. Ebony handle and beehive finial. Weight 19 and half ounces.

Silver Cutlery Designs

Silver cutlery design has been around for hundreds of years and still proves popular today. Back in the day, it was used primarily because bacteria don’t do too well on silver. Here in the present day, we’ve developed other ways of making sure your cutlery won’t kill you while you eat your evening meal. However people still buy silver cutlery due to its sophisticated and superior look when compared to other metals. Here at Edinburgh Silver, we thought we’d give you all a little insight. Into what the designs on each set mean and where they come from.

la regency silver cutlery

La Regence

  This cutlery design has been around since the 19th century. Around the time that Napoleon II was roaming about before he caught a bit of the ol’ Tuberculosis. The flowing leaves, shell and scroll edging, along with the flares on the handles of the fork and spoon are very typical of the time period.

kings silver cutlery


  Designed by the brother John and Henry Lias. This set features a gorgeous honeysuckle flower and shell design, and was designed at the same time as another cutlery set called “Queen”.

coburgh silver cutlery


  This design first popped up in London during the early Victorian era and is a design from Paul Storr. Paul often designed silver for royalty. The level of detail on the handles shows a progression in taste and style from designs such as Kings. Making it more stunning to look at.


  Originating from Sheffield in the late Victorian era. This set features a fluting design. The handle is capped by a simple yet stylish finial. Providing the finishing touch to what I believe is an elegant cutlery set.  

Desmond silver cutlery


  This design also came out of Sheffield and was designed by W. Pulling and W. Turner of Sheffield in 1925. The handle features a single line border and scroll at the tip of the handle, and this makes gives the set a perfect balance of beauty and simplicity.  

bead silver cutlery


  This pattern was created by renowned female silversmith Hester Bateman. She got into silver after her husband died (cause of death was also Tuberculosis which seems to be a bit of a running theme here). Inspired by a string of pearls, this Neo Classical design is from the mid 18th century. A timeless classic and would be perfect to show off at dinner parties or when having guests round.

English reed & ribbon silver cutlery

English Reed & Ribbon

  Featuring a double reed border with ribbon crisscrossing between the two this design is both classy and charming. A bow can be found on the tip of the handle and it complements the other ribbons found up and down the handle. An excellent silver cutlery design.


  Hailing from Sheffield in thee 1930’s. The Lotus pattern is a favourite of mine because of its sleek design. Influenced by Art Nouveau, the handle features a stylised Lotus flower that forms a point at the tip, which is unusual and rare for cutlery from this time period. The set is stunning to look at and one that I would definitely recommend.  

old English silver cutlery

Old English

  Dating back to the reign of King George III (who died of a lot of things, none of which were tuberculosis). The Old English design remains very popular to this day. The reason for this set’s popularity is, I think, due to its simplistic pip and graceful curves making it desirable for those looking for a subtle design.


  Originating in the early 1600’s, this is the oldest of the English cutlery styles. It has stood the test of time and is still successful some 400 years later. The front handle features a rib and on the reverse of both the spoon and fork there is a distinctive tail. Like the Old English design, the popularity of this set lies in its simplicity and ability to stand out among more modern designs.


  A great silver cutlery designs Inspired by the art deco movement, the Grecian design is a new spin on a classic. It avoids looking complicated with its bevelled and angled edges but retains a level of sophistication. Perfect to use when treating family and friends to dinner, Grecian is one of the most popular sets around at the moment.

simplicity silver cutlery


  This design is exactly what it says on the tin, and that is by no means an insult to the beauty of the cutlery itself. A modern take on a previous design, Simplicity adds subtle changes here and there to make the cutlery just look more appealing. The knife features a Cannon handle and an eye-catching finial and is a stand-out piece from this set. Less truly is more when it comes to Simplicity.

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