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Silver Tableware For All Occasions 

Silver tableware has long been a desirable addition to any home and there are so many items to choose. It can be quite disconcerting to attempt to begin your own collection. However at Edinburgh Silver we make it easy. You can browse at your leisure online and then make your purchase for the silver tableware.
Being faced with so many choices it is as well to begin at the beginning and start with the basics. Silver cutlery is a good place to begin. Then you will want to carry on building your collection of silver tableware up until you have a full setting. View our table setting cutlery post.
Table Setting Cutlery silver tableware

Dressing The Table 

A fully dressed table with plenty of sparkling silver on it looks beautiful and tempting too.
If you have your silver cutlery set in place then you may next want to look for some silver napkin rings. Silver napkin rings are a lovely addition to a table and more especially when they are used with some beautiful linen napkins!
Silver napkin rings may be found in solid silver or plated silver and both are equally pretty although solid silver will last for many more years than plated silver. We also have a limited selection of Antique Silver napkin rings in stock 

Contemporary Silver 

If you like a contemporary look to your table, then plain silver napkin rings are a good choice. There are many elegant plain silver napkin rings on the market to choose from. You could even choose to get them monogrammed for an extra special touch!
A silver cruet set or silver salt and pepper mills are another popular addition to any collection of silver tableware and there are again, many choices out there.
Table Setting Cutlery solid silver condiment set

Silver Salt & Pepper Pots For The Table 

Silver salt and pepper shakers are perhaps more traditional looking than silver salt and pepper mills but both have their place in an elegant home.
If you want to go the whole hog, why not splash out and look for a silver toast rack and a silver coffee service to add to your collection?
These look fabulous and also add a real touch of luxury to any breakfast!

Decorative Silver For The Table 

Of course, not all silver tableware is useful. Some of it is more decorative than anything and this includes silver vases. Silver vases make a great home for your floral displays when giving formal dinner parties.
One important part of a collection of silver tableware which must not be forgotten is silver candlesticks!
These add a really special and romantic touch to your table. Especially when you have candles in them; the flames add a lovely warmth to the silver on the table and reflect the light in a beautiful way. A silver napkin ring 
silver napkin ring perfect silver tableware

Enhance Your Silver Tableware Today 

A collection of silver tableware is a lovely way to add a special element to your home dining experience and guests will admire and appreciate the effort which you have gone to.
It goes without saying that silver tableware must be kept clean and polished for it to be at it’s most beautiful and as long as you polish yours after each use, then it will remain a lovely part of your home for many years to come.

Edinburgh Silver Tableware

We always have a large stock so you can buy silver tableware online today. The get it delivered tomorrow (restrictions apply) The guide to silver cutlery designs

Silver Bar Gifts

what does always look stunning on your table is a silver decanter. Beautifully understated but elegant and it makes a refined statement.

silver decanter
silver claret jug hallmarked made from lead crystal perfect for the dinner table
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Celtic Silver Cufflinks

Our latest creation Britannia Silver Napkin Rings

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Carol Phillips October 18, 2013 - 6:40 am

Silverware always takes me back to being young, my grandma and granddad had beautiful silverware which was only used on special occasions and it reminds me of happy times. I have just treated myself to gorgeous 60 piece silver cutlery set and I can’t wait to use it – looks like I’ll have to have a dinner party soon 🙂

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