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Hello, friends!

How are we all today? It’s Wednesday…You know what that means? Halfway to the weekend! Keep going, you can do it.

I have another gorgeous Silver Photo Frame to show you all today and I think the one I have chosen is so elegant and interesting. It is from our Solid Silver Ornate Photo Frame collection and you are going to be stunned by how detailed, bold and eye-catching they are.

Let’s crack on.

an3ew (1)

How stunning is this piece? I just think it looks so interesting and even tells a wee story in itself…What story, you ask? You come up with it yourself…That’s what I love about this Silver Hallmarked Photo Frame with an Art Nouveau Design. Is the slender woman attending to her flowers in her flower garden or are they coming from her own body, as if she is growing flowers from her fingertips? You decide. Either way the flowers flow majestically around the frame, encasing every corner in a flower or vine. The swirling of the vines, stems and flowers attract your eye the whole way around this Ornate Solid Silver Photo Frame until you are drawn back to the beautiful lady. Art on a household item that you look at every day is one of my favourite things. It brings character to your photo…People will definitely ask about them and you can tell them your story.

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