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Silver Quaich view from top

Solid Silver Quaich’s

by Edinburgh Silver

New High Quality Silver Plated Quaich’s

Silver Quaich we now have available to buy our three new styles of silver Quaich’s all made in with the higher grade Britannia Silver. A better quality than the typical sterling silver. As far as we are aware we are the only supplier of Britannia silver Quaich’s anywhere in the world. Most of our range silver gifts are now made in Britannia silver with many exiting new gifts in the pipeline.  So, what’s so special about our new range of silver Quaich’s, well, they are made in Britannia Silver. They are a little heavier than most, all hand crafted and feature hand punched Edinburgh hallmarks. They are made to a very high standard and competitively priced for such a hand-crafted luxury silver item. We have sizes from 3-inch diameter going up in inches to a massive 9-inch diameter excluding handles.

See our new range here – Solid Silver Quaichs

Silver Quaich birds eye view

Silver Plated Quaich

We will also soon have available the same Quaich’s in high quality silver plate. All three styles in all the sizes 3-inch to 9-inch excluding handles. We silver plate to 20 – 25 microns so that our silver plating will last at least one very long lifetime. Our silver-plated Quaich’s will be every bit as well made and beautiful as our Britannia silver Quaich’s. They just happen to cost much less. The perfect gift for any baby christening.

Silver Quaich smooth body  

All made here in the UK

Our exclusive range silver gifts are quite different from most online suppliers. Firstly, we do not make for, or sell to, any other businesses. Our products are only available from the Edinburgh Silver website. We make and design all our products in the UK. Never do we buy anything from abroad. The United Kingdom has been professionally making silver products since at least the fourteenth century.  So we have probably got the hang of it by now. Silver products made in the UK are made to a very high standard by skilled craftsmen and hallmarked to guarantee the quality of silver.

Silver Quaich view from top

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Silver Hammered Quaich


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