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Solid Silver Cufflinks: All Things Malcolm Appleby

by Edinburgh Silver

Malcolm Appleby a great silversmith

Now, I can’t really believe I’ve not yet done a blog on what I’m going to discuss today but hey! No time like the present. But yes, today I’m going to be talking about the incredibly talented and renown Silversmith Malcolm Appleby and the Cufflinks he produced. I cannot stress enough how special and unique his pieces are and I’m really looking forward to discussing them with you today. Giving someone a gift like the Cufflinks I’m going to be talking about would be ultimately unique and individual and what’s more, would be jam packed with history and background.

We have already written a blog on the man himself so if you’re interesting in finding out more about Malcolm Appleby please follow this link to the blog: 


Malcolm Appleby MARAM

The first Malcolm Appleby piece I chose to write about is absolutely stunning. This Solid Silver Unique Rams Head Design Chain Link Cufflink is incredibly unique and special. The intricate design of the ram’s head on the front of the Cufflinks makes them so interesting and intriguing. You really will not find Cufflinks of higher quality and make. 

Malcolm Appleby Cufflinks
As you can see from the image above, the shape of these Cufflinks are extremely original and you can clearly see the detail of the ram on the front. These Solid Silver Malcolm Appleby Cufflinks undeniably stand out and I think if you were to give this to someone as a gift, they would never want to stop looking at or wearing them. They’re so sophisticated and entirely alluring.
Malcolm Appleby MAFC
The next pair of Malcolm Appleby’s Cufflinks I chose are again more than intriguing and very unusual. I would say Malcolm Appleby’s Cufflinks are more than just something to wear with your outfit. They’re pieces of art and everything he designs on the front of the Cufflinks means something and you can interpret it as you please. This pair of Solid Silver Unique Three Face Design Chain Link Cufflinks are not something to be looked at briefly. You can see all the three faces make one face together which is very uncommon to see on Cufflinks.
Malcolm Appleby Cufflinks
Malcolm Appleby’s Cufflinks are definitely not common and you absolutely do not see them all the time in everyday life which makes them even more special. You’d be getting something that is uncommon and original. What makes a better gift? As you can see the Solid Silver Cufflinks come in an absolutely beautiful case that would be such a thrill to open and keep the Cufflinks in!

Malcolm Appleby Cufflinks MASP
The last set of Cufflinks I want to show you are my favourites. I don’t know if it’s just because I quite like the look of spiders or because it’s so expertly done but they really are a spectacle. This Solid Silver Unique Spider Design Chain Link Cufflinks are something else. I absolutely love them. The Spider Design makes the Cufflinks look really eerie and creepy, a feature I think works really well on these Cufflinks. I’m sure even haters of creepy-crawlies will admire the amount of skill and talent that has gone into this piece to get the spider looking so real 
Malcolm Appleby Cufflinks
If you look closely at the outside of the Solid Silver Spider Cufflinks you can see very neatly and intricately the outline of the spider’s web. I think this is just magnificent. To be able to produce something so small and fine with just your hands is baffling to me and makes me very jealous of the talent he produces! This couldn’t be a better present for someone you really care about…but make sure they like spiders before you give it to them!!

I really hope you have enjoyed the pieces I have shown you today as they really do fascinate me and make me excited. They’re all beautifully designed and so much talent has gone into making these works of art. I take my hat off to Malcolm Appleby! Do remember I have linked the Malcolm Appleby blog up the top so if you want to find out more about them then feel free to follow that link!

Let us know what you think of Malcolm Appleby’s pieces! Do you love them or really love them?

Thanks everyone! Keep reading.

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