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Solid Silver Antique Gifts!

by Edinburgh Silver

 Every piece of our Antique Silver absolutely has it’s own story to tell and comes rich in history and background. An Antique Silver piece not only looks beautiful but you will feel like you’ve got your own piece of history sitting in your house. 

Antique Brooch 

Alexander Ritchie Brooch c.1910

This Antique Solid Silver Alexander Ritchie Celtic Brooch was made in 1910 and is just so beautifully designed and expertly crafted by the renowned Silversmith from Iona. One Alexander Ritchie. I really love the pattern and detail on the front of this brooch because I think it adds that little bit extra to an already stunning piece of art.

Alexander Ritchie Brooch

This Silver Brooch would make a wonderful collectors item or would be great to give to someone on a really special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday. 

Christening Spoons Antique Silver 

It is a valued tradition to present a newborn whom is about to be Christened with a Christening Spoon to commemorate their big day. So, how about giving them a Christening Spoon that is both Solid Silver AND an Antique?

I chose this Vintage Arts and Crafts Solid Silver Hallmarked Christening Spoon made in Edinburgh 1937. It was handmade by the renowned Edinburgh Artist Silversmith Euphemia Miller. The Christening Spoon has a wonderful hand hammered finish and incredible wire work design handle. The craftsmanship and talent that has gone into this spoon makes it something truly special.

Silver Christening Spoon

It really is a rare and beautiful Christening spoon and is in excellent condition. It would make an absolutely perfect Christening gift because it has so much meaning and history in it. You may choose to engrave a short, personal message onto the bowl of the spoon to signify a DoB, Christening date and/or name. 

Dognose Spoon 

 Antique Silver Dognose Spoon 1755

The last item I have chosen for today is another Solid Silver Spoon. I have chosen this very fine and Rare George II Silver Dog-Nose Rat-Tail Table Spoon. It has squashed but readable London hallmarks for 1755 and makers mark of Paul Callard. I really like the subtle yet bold detail at the very top of this spoon. I think it adds more interest and uniqueness to the Silver Spoon as a whole.

Silver Dognose Spoon

This Solid Silver Spoon is in superb condition and is a very rare and collectable spoon from a highly sought after maker. So if you’re enthusiastic about collecting Antique Solid Silver Spoons then this would fit into your collection extremely well. Even if you are not a collector then it would still be great to say you own something that is rich in history and is a collectable. 

Antique Letter Openers

Letter openers are definitely something from the past when life was a little more leisurely in contrast to today. Mail was the way to communicate back in the day and there was a certain elegance to writing letters. I was an occasion to write a letter just as much it was to receive one. Today is full of junk mail and circulars or even worse the dreaded bill form the utilities. Thats if you haven’t gone paperless.

Its time to take life a little slower and stop the rush and what better way to do this by investing in an antique letter opener. Crafted many years ago by renowned important silversmiths and something to cherish forever. Currently we have 2 antique letter openers for sale at Edinburgh Silver. Of course this frequently changes, we sell the silver and then buy the silver. The next step is to restore the silver to nearly new like we did restoring vintage napkin ring. Of course you can have a personalised letter opener.

Antique Silver Boxes

Silver keeps on giving if you look after and clean your silver properly and an antique silver box is no exception. Hand crafted in stunning detail and made to last a lifetime and then some. Antique silver boxes were designed to keep lots of different things inside them. This silver box below was made to store tobacco and how impressive it is.

Antique Silver Photo Frames

It’s not very often we get antique silver photo frames in because they are treasured family heirlooms. Usually they are passed down from generation to generation so if we do get one they go quick. So do visit our silver frames on a regular basis to grab a rare antique silver photo frame. Or you could subscribe to our mailing list. The newsletter frequency is just once a month so we don’t bombard you with spam.

Silver Honey Pot

Art Nouveaux Picture Frame

Antique Silver Cufflinks

They say that they do not make things like they used to and this is certainly true of Antique Silver cufflinks. They are a thing of true beauty hold a mans shirt cuffs together. Something that was once for practical reasons is now a reason to show off with your cufflinks. We do stock Antique silver cufflinks but again they do come and go. Until recently we had 2 antique sets but now we are down to just the one pair.

Antique Silver Trophy

The pair we have in stock have been made by Malcolm Appleby and are an absolute stunning set. I am sure any man would be proud to have such a silver gift from our range of silver gifts for men.

How old does silver need to be to be antique

Generally speaking an item of silver needs to be around 100 years old to be classed as antique

So how old is vintage silver

Vintage silver needs to be over 20 years old to have this term “vintage ” added to its description. Some people refer to true vintage to be over 50 years old but not quite antique ago of 100 years

So what is retro

Retro refers to a time gone by that was at the time a certain trend. As above plastic toothpick in a Berni Inn was retro. A chopper bike is regarded as retro

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