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Solid Silver Cufflinks: Silver Celtic

by Edinburgh Silver

Solid Silver Antique gifts

Dress in style with these Celtic silver cufflinks. Discrete enough not to be showy but then designed with elegance to make you stand out from the crowd.

Today we have a brand new theme for this week and Edinburgh Silver have chosen to talk to you about our fantastic Solid Silver Cufflinks this week! We have an extensive range of perfectly made Solid Silver Cufflinks and we guarantee we have the right styles for you!

I just think would make a smart man, or woman, look even smarter! We have chosen a set of Cufflinks from our Silver Celtic range because they really caught my eye and I wanted to talk to you about them some more…I think you will like them! 

Celtic silver cufflinks

Look how stunning these Solid Silver Celtic Cufflinks are. I find the design on the face of them the most attractive and interesting. No doubt if you wore those and a lovely crisp white shirt you would have a million compliments thrown at you! The Solid Silver Hallmarked Spiral Celtic Cufflinks feature our Edinburgh Silver Hallmark. This shows this set of Cufflinks are authentic and of top quality. These Solid Silver Celtic Spiral Cufflinks would make an absolutely marvellous 21st birthday gift or a gift for someone starting a new job! Supplied in an attractive gift box, our Silver gifts won’t disappoint!

The History Of The Cufflink

The history of the cuff link does not go as far back as you may think. Shirts were originally an item of men’s underwear and did not become an exposed garment until the 16th Century. The cuffs of the shirt, when it was an undergarment, were sometimes frilled. Or ruffed and allowed to be shown at the wrist. Some commentators suggest that this was a rather daring thing to do, much like exposing a hint of underpants today.

Cartier introduced their cufflinks in the 1960’s. This consisted of a bar with a loop at either end that would allow a motif to be inserted at either end perpendicular to the bar. These cufflinks were interchangeable.

The 19th Century and Cufflinks

Around the middle of the 19th Century men grew in confidence and started to dress more flamboyantly. With this the silversmiths and designer became more creative in their designs. The change in this attitude is rumoured to have come about from the Princes of Wales. Who later became Edward VII.

The change came from when he started wearing colourful Faberge cufflinks which increased the popularity. Then because of the industrial revolution its became easier to mass produce cufflinks. This only increased the amount of men wearing cufflinks at this time.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Legend says that the modern cuff link was born (or at least achieved popularity) in the pages of Alexander Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. A character in the book sported enormous diamonds on his shirt cuffs that sparked great envy in everyone who looked on it. Therefore not long after that book was published, tailors recognized just how important the accent could be to a “proper gentleman’s” clothing.

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