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Silver Baptism Gifts

by Edinburgh Silver

When did Baptism start ? Well initially we think of Jesus being baptised as a baby but most scholars do not recognise this. It’s not until later in his life when John The Baptist baptised him. No I don’t think he was brought any silver baptism gifts.

Part of Our Silver Christening Gifts Range

Of course the tradition of bringing gifts to babies was from the 3 kings when baby Jesus was born. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, so gifts for babies has been a long tradition. Today tradition is to give silver baptism gifts.

Traditional Baptism Gifts

The first thing that people think about as a gift is a silver spoon. Hence the phrase ” Born With a Silver Spoon in Your Mouth” which was born from Tudor and Victorian times. This was because you could tell the wealth of a man by the quality of his silverware

One of the most famous set of silverware is the Apostle Spoons. However there are many silver baby gifts that can be given. In different parts of the world it is traditional to give different gifts. For example in Scotland it is traditional to give a silver Quaich or a Christening Spoon. We have an article if you are wondering what a Quaich is.

Baptism Or Christening

Is there any real difference between Christening or Baptism. The event is called a Christening and at that event the baby is usually baptised. The baptism usually takes place with the ointment of water. The sprinkling of water upon the babies head signifies cleansing or revelation.

Of course some would argue that is a Christening and they christen that baby with the chosen name for the first time. Then at that time he will be accepted into gods house with that name he/she has been christened with. Of course other people have other views and we are not here for that. Edinburgh Silver is here to provide you with the best silver baptism gifts.

Christening Gifts Silver

Silver Photo Frames

Of course what could be more fitting than to have a silver photo frame with the picture of your baby being christened inside. Edinburgh Silver stock a large range of Silver Photo Frames

The Silver Bible

If religion is strong within your beliefs then what could be more perfect than a Silver Bible. Unfortunately these cannot be engraved but the old technology still works. You can write your own personalised massage inside.

Baptism Gift Silver Quaich

Baptism Gift Silver Christening Spoon

Antique Silver Inkwells

Solid Silver Christening Cups

Edinburgh Silver Sales in Scottish Silver Other traditional Scottish Christening Gifts & Traditional Scottish Gifts

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