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Traditional Silver Scottish Gifts

by Edinburgh Silver

Traditions have always ran deep with the Scottish, its imparted to them when they are first born. They talk with pride about their past, the battles against the invaders, mostly and unfortunately the English. Their deep history is tough within the schools and so they should be. Thats why we have put together a collection of Scottish gift ideas.

So everything Scottish is near and dear to them so its understandable they they also have a deep affection with all things Scottish. Especially Scottish gifts, things that remind them of home and their past. The traditions and ceromonies started way back in the highlands with the clansmen of old. As time went bye and the people of the highlands moved to the lowlands they brought their traditions with them.

Scottish Gift Ideas

Originally these Scottish gift ideas came from things made in the highlands. Something that was handcrafted within the clan so they have great sentimental value upon them. Of course now those very same gifts have been refined upgraded and sold commercially.

A Quaich was once in important highlands gift which was given when people from different clans became married. Given as a token of trust and togetherness, both parties would sip from the same Quaich to seal the bond of trust. Quaich’s are now given as Scottish gifts for christenings gifts and wedding gifts. You may ask what is a Quaich, we have all the answers in a post for you.

cup for christening
Silver Tumbler Cup

Scottish Personalised Gifts Ideas

Scotland has a long tradition of producing whisky and exporting to the rest of the world. They also proudly uphold the tradition of drinking a lot of whisky as well. So if you do like your tot of whisky why not do it in style with a silver tumbler. Edinburgh Silver can also personalise your silver whisky tumbler with anything you desire. (within reason) Whisky tumblers are a perfect scottish gift idea.

The largest export destinations for Scotch Whisky (defined by value) in 2018 were:

1 United States £1,039.5m +£117.8m +12.8% (£921.7m in 2017)

2 France £442.1m +£8.5m +2.0% (£433.6m in 2017)

3 Singapore £319.9m +£29.2m +10.0% (£290.7m in 2017)

4 Germany £173.9m -£9.8m -5.3% (£183.7m in 2017)

5 Spain £170.4m -£4.5m -2.6% (£174.9m in 2017)

6 Taiwan £168.4m +£8.0m +5.0% (£160.3m in 2017)

7 UAE £146.9m +£17.1m +13.2% (£129.8m in 2017)

8 India £138.8m +£35.3m +34.1% (£103.5m in 2017)

9 Mexico £131.5m +£20.5m +18.5% (£111.1m in 2017)

10 Latvia £129.8m +£9.5m +7.9% (£120.4m in 2017)

Silver Whisky Tumbler

Silver Engraving Of Scottish Gifts

We offer our silver engraving service to quite a few of our products to give them the personal touch. We can engrave on a few of the silver photo frames but a lot of them have a plaque on the back engraved.

Engraved Plaque For Silver Photo Frames

Silver bookmarks are perfect for the engraving service we provide. The surface of our silver bookmarks at Edinburgh Silver are all flat and 2 sided giving plenty of room for that message. Silver Letter openers are a little different dependant upon the style they are. Some of the silver letter openers can only be engraved on the handle, others only on the blade itself. So please read carefully when you are buying silver letter openers so you know exactly what’s available.

silver decanter label with a silver horse

Traditional Scottish Bar Gifts

A large selection of our silver bar gifts can be engraved, especially our solid silver wine labels. The one thing we do not engrave and recommend that you do not either is the decanters and silver glass jugs that we sell. That is why we sell a large range of silver decanter labels. What a perfect Scottish gift idea a silver label for your whisky.

silver decanter  glass and silver

One item that is perfect for engraving is our silver bottle coasters when you are drinking something that doesn’t belong in your silver decanter. We have the silver bottle coasters available in silver plate or solid silver, something to suit everyones budget. You have 3 engraving options for the bottle coasters.

scottish gift ideas

Traditional Scottish Gifts Celtic Cufflinks

The Celtic origins is a complicated and contested one and I guess it will always be but not for us Scots. They may have originated from far and wide around Europe but in Scotland we hold true to our traditions.

The Scottish people (Scots: Scots Fowk; Scottish Gaelic: Albannaich) or Scots, are a nation and ethnic group native to Scotland. Historically, they emerged from an amalgamation of two Celtic-speaking peoples, the Picts and Gaels, who founded the Kingdom of Scotland (or Alba) in the 9th century. Later, the neighbouring Celtic-speaking Cumbrians, as well as Germanic-speaking Anglo-Saxons and Norse, were incorporated into the Scottish nation


These are just a few of the traditional scottish gift ideas that we have on offer so please do take a look online.

Traditional Scottish Wedding Gifts

The traditions in Scotland do run very deep indeed so great care is taken when choosing a traditional Scottish wedding gift. Silver has always been a popular choice and always will due to the value and due to it lasting a lifetime. Quaich’s are often given at wedding due to the toasting ceremony and the fact that it is called a love cup. A cup made to be used by two people so perfect for a wedding.

Another popular Scottish wedding gift is a solid silver cake slice, what could be more perfect for cutting the wedding cake. Edinburgh Silver sell a silver plated cake slice along with a solid silver cake slice.

Another traditional scottish wedding gift is the solid silver paper knife, or sometimes called a silver letter opener. It is something that a couple can both use on a daily basis and that reminds them of that special day. Made even more memorable especially when it’s engraved with the names and dates of the wedding.

The Scottish Wedding

Occasionally it has been know for both the bride and the groom to wear tartan kilts (not often may I add) However if you are lucky enough to witness a double kilted wedding then the perfect gift would be matching kilt pins. Edinburgh Silver stock and sell a large range of kilt pins from new solid silver kilt pins. To beautiful antique silver kilt pins.

Of course the safe gift to give is the classic solid silver photo frame. Edinburgh Silver sell a large range of silver photo frames starting at the 5″‘ x 3.5″ silver photo frame. Up to an impressive 10″ x 8″ silver photo frame, these can be either engraved on the frame or on a silver plaque on the back of the photo frame.

There are also multiple frames, ornate silver photo frames and silver round frames to choose from.

The Full Range Of Silver Photo Frame’s By Edinburgh Silver

Traditional Scottish Christening Gifts

Silver christening gifts have long been popular as Scottish christening gifts. There are ancient roots in the tradition as during pre Christian times, silver was thought to have the power to keep the devil…or evil sprits away. Gifting new babies with a small piece of silver, often in the shape of a coin, was thought to be a way to keep them safe.

This tradition actually lives on today and in many smaller towns and villages across the UK it is not at all unusual to find silver or gold coins placed on top of a baby’s pram as it is pushed through the streets. People do it to wish the new baby well and also as a way of guaranteeing themselves luck for that day.

The Scottish people have a long standing tradition of bearing gifts at christening. This goes back many years and does not look like changing anytime soon. Scottish Christening gifts mainly consists of.

Traditional Scottish House Warming Gifts

The house buying process is very different from England, sometimes it seems like pot luck. It is a sealed bid process and the solicitor sets a closing date for all bids. Usually its the one with the largest offer that gets the house but sometimes sellers will take a lower price if the buyers are ready to move quickly.

As silver photo frame is an obvious choice as it can be displayed in any room in the new house. Traditional it would have been a silver canteen of cutlery, silver cutlery that can be used everyday. Anything silver for the table would be a good Scottish house warming gift, silver tableware. Silver napkin rings are perfect as you can start with 1 or 2 and add to them one the years. Either as a matching set of napkin rings or everyone different.

Traditional Scottish New Years Gifts

Immediately if you think about New Years Eve in Scotland most people think of h=Hogmanay. The professional party people of New Years Eve is the Scottish. So any fitting gift to celebrate a traditional scottish gift would have to be drink related.

Silver tumbler cups are a perfect choice and can also be engraved to personalise further. A silver plated cocktail shaker would also make a spectacular Scottish New Years eve gift. Some people call them silver drinking cups

coming soon

Traditional Scottish Best Man Gifts

Traditional Scottish Christmas Gifts

Traditional Scottish Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Scottish Engagement Gifts

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