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Britannia Silver Napkin Rings.

by Edinburgh Silver

We had this great idea, about two years ago. Let’s make all our silver napkin rings in the higher-grade Britannia silver Napkin Rings. Oh, and let’s make them heavy.

The problem was that most napkin rings are pre- made. Consequently not yet hallmarked blanks and come like a scaffold pole of sterling silver. Just cut to size, and all are made using sterling silver not Britannia silver.

Making Bespoke Silver

Yes we should know better and we have done this before creating our own bespoke Silver Quaich . We pride ourselves on supplying quality silver to our customers and we have done for many years. There was a school of thought that no one would be willing to pay for quality anymore. Our designer silver napkin rings.

It’s said people are more concerned about showing off the bling. It doesn’t even have to be the real thing as long as people think you have the real deal. At Edinburgh Silver we believe in real quality silver so thats what we set out to make and provide to our loyal customer base. We must be doing something right if our customer keep coming back.

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A Designer Silver Napkin Ring How Its Made

To make heavy napkin rings in the higher-grade Britannia silver it must be done from a raw flat piece of Britannia silver. It will be from heavy gauge formed into shape by a skilful silversmith all by hand. No we don’t do simple or anything simple. Yes it does sound a little more expensive than the mass made average silver napkin ring.

Expensive was the least of our worries, intially nobody wanted to do this work. That was even if they could (or we could) find the correct heavy gauge Britannia silver. Yes finding the heavy gauge Britannia silver did prove a very difficult and time consuming project in itself.  “”.

It is difficult and time consuming”, we were informed “anyway, this is not the 1920s –  who wants that kind of quality today

antique silver napkin ring. This one isn't a Britannia silver napkin ring
Antique Silver Napkin Ring

The Craftsmanship Begins ; Silversmiths

Well, we do, so we begged and sweet-talked our best man into giving it a go. So now only two years later and after a few false starts we actually have two (more to come – we hope)

Britannia Silver napkin rings, a one ounce and a two ounce, with a four, yes four ounce due any day now. Nobody makes a four-ounce silver napkin ring anymore. Well that was true until Edinburgh Silver decided to make their Britannia Silver Napkin.

Are they worth the wait. You bet they are. A true hand-crafted thing of beauty. We absolutely love them. Furthermore now we are going to try and add two Britannia silver Celtic bands and make a really special Scottish napkin ring. I will let you know how it goes, in about three months – or so. Watch this space as Silversmiths operate in their own time frame

the beginning of the Britannia silver napkin ring on a lathe being machined

The Cost Of The Britannia Silver Napkin Rings

And the good news is they don’t cost much more than run of the mill sterling silver napkin rings of a similar weight. They are all hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay office with hand punched Britannia feature hallmarks. Sometimes making something of true beauty is just worth all the hassle.

We promise as soon as the photographer has taken a picture you will be the first to see it.

hallmarked silver napkin ring
Hallmark Silver Napkin Ring

The History Of The Napkin Ring

It is said that napkin rings started to become prominent in the 1800″s in France. Of course this probably started with the aristocracy in the first instance. Then it would have been the wealthy familes until napkin rings become affordable to the middle classes. Now they make an excellent silver Christmas gift

The napkin rings were decorated to reflect the owners style and taste. After all taste is a matter of taste and not all napkin rings were created equally. The most common way forward and the most popular way to define your napkin ring was engraving. Some with just the owners initials, others with their full name. Consequently silver napkin rings became the norm as it was easier to engrave them.

Round silver hallmarked napkin ring
Round Silver Napkin Ring

Napkin Rings as Christening Presents

Unusual as the napkin ring was designed to hold your cloth napkin. However silver napkin ring become popular christening gifts and wedding gifts. Further more we do have a more appropriate selection of Silver baby gifts on offer now.

shaping the Britannia Silver napkin ring
removing imperfections

Other Materials Napkin Rings

Silver Napkin ring are the most popular today but let’s take a look at some other materials that were used in their making.

  • Bone
  • Ivory
  • Wood
  • Bakelite
  • Pearl
  • Glass
  • Embroidery
  • Porcelain
  • Heavy card
  • Steel
  • Silver Plate
  • Silver
  • Britannia Silver (Now)
They take a lot of polishing for perfection

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