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Restoring Antique and Vintage Christening Spoons to near new condition

by Edinburgh Silver

This fine solid silver hallmarked Christening spoon was made by the renowned Elkington & co of Birmingham in 1960 and restored by Edinburgh Silver in 2019

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Photograph one shows the condition we receive silver christening spoons in, usually from auction – this one is in particularly poor condition and very badly tarnished. This is what happens when a piece of silver is left in a drawer for decades. 

Restoring Of The Silver Christening Spoon

tarnished silver spoon from 1960 made by Eckington one co
reverse of silver christening spoon restoration by Edinburgh silver
This Is How It Arrived

Photograph two shows the spoon after we have removed the decades of grease and the worst of the tarnish, still a long way to go.

part cleaned silver christening spoon
reverse of parts clean silver spoon

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Photograph three shows most of the years of tarnish is almost gone, and our secret formula has been applied to remove the blemishes and scratches – looking good.

nearly fully cleaned silver spoon
restoring of the silver spoon

Photograph four shows the spoon after our industrial ultrasound treatment. The spoon is now very clean and free from all grease and tarnish – nearly there.

silver spoon in ultrasound bath

Photograph five shows the spoon after the final traditional polishing is complete – it looks as if it was made last Thursday not nearly sixty years ago.

fully restored silver christening spoon
reverse of silver christening spoon after restoration

Traditional Polishing Wheel

traditional silver polishing wheel

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