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New Britannia Silver Collection (Keyrings & Bookmarks)

by Edinburgh Silver

Why if everyone is making silver gifts thinner, lighter and not here in the UK. Then why are Edinburgh Silver making them heavier, thicker and still all expertly hand crafted here in the UK. Why Britannia Silver as well.

It’s because Edinburgh Silver know that people will appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of these Britannia Silver Gifts. The quality of silver is outstanding.

Britannia Silver Keyrings

Take for example our new range of silver keyrings. First of all they are all made using the higher-grade Britannia silver. Furthermore all with hand punched Edinburgh Hallmarks from the Edinburgh assay office. They are very much heavier and thicker than other more common sterling silver keyrings on offer.

heart shaped Britannia silver keyring

So if you need a superior gift for an important occasion then a very special heavy Britannia silver keyring may well be the answer. All our new keyrings are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

oval Britannia silver keyring

We have six new heavy Britannia silver keyrings on offer. All entirely hand crafted by our highly skilled silversmith in the UK. Edinburgh Silver have for sale, two silver round keyrings, one oval, one dog-tag shape. Then one completely new heart shape. All our new keyrings are supplied in a high-quality wood gift box.

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Britannia Silver Bookmarks

We also have a new range of silver bookmarks all made in Britannia silver. Then all with hand punched Edinburgh Hallmarks from the Edinburgh assay office. Again, these bookmarks are a little heavier than normal, but not too heavy to use as an everyday bookmark. You can feel the quality of the Britannia Silver.

We have in stock our new cross bookmark with large feature Edinburgh Hallmarks. The long arch shape bookmark with small hand punched Edinburgh hallmarks. Then we have two rectangular bookmarks, one with large feature hallmarks. The other with small hand punched hallmarks. 

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Britannia Silver. Skilled silversmiths use Britannia silver to make impressive pieces preferring the higher purity of Britannia silver to sterling silver. 

Look out for our new Edinburgh hallmarked range of silver photograph frames – due in soon.

Quality Silver Gifts

The silver quality Edinburgh Silver stocks and sells is second to none. We have been selling silver a lifetime and its our passion. The drive to supply quality silver gifts has never wained or drifted. Edinburgh Silver continually commission new quality silver gifts.

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Commissioned Silver Gifts

At Edinburgh Silver our second passion is restoring antique silver to its former glory. There is nothing better than finding quality silver and bringing it back to life. Restoring an antique silver christening spoon. Restoring a antique silver napkin ring. We also show you how to clean your own silver items in how to clean silver easily

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