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Silver Retirement Gifts

by Edinburgh Silver

Working all your life within one company is now becoming a rarer event. People tend to aim for a maximum five years at any one given company. Apparently its called career progression and now its the norm. However if you are lucky enough to have someone who has been loyal then reward them with a Silver retirement gift.

After they have given their years of dedication to you and your company then give them something of meaning. Something that will last for the rest of their lives. Silver does just that, it cherished loved and can be passed down to future generations.

What Makes The perfect Silver Gift

Well if they have worked for you all these years or you have worked with them. You should already know the answer to that one. If you don’t then shame on you for not knowing their likes and dislikes. However at Edinburgh Silver we are here to provide a few suggestions.

Firstly is it a silver retirement gift for a lady. Or is it a silver regiment gift for a man. Oh and if you are buying a silver gift ensure its hallmarked and its quality you are getting. You don’t want to end up with the imitation Zinc.

solid silver kilt pin from Edinburgh Silver the perfect graduation gift

Silver Retirement Gifts For Men

Men the less complicated of the species so we will start with silver gifts for men.

cup for christening

See I told you that a silver retirement gift for men was the simple one.

Silver Cufflinks For Retirement

  • Plain silver
  • Feature Hallmarks
  • Silver and enamel
  • Novelty silver cufflinks
  • Edinburgh hallmark cufflinks
  • Celtic Silver
  • Renowned Silversmiths cufflinks

We truly do have a set of cufflinks to suit any many of any taste. If it’s a retirement gift for someone who doesn’t take life to seriously then perhaps a set of novelty cufflinks would be perfect. A retiring gentlemen of style would perhaps appreciate a pair of silver cufflinks made by Malcolm Appleby.

Silver Kilt Pin

Now for the Scottish amongst you readers what could be more perfect than a Silver Kilt pin as Silver Retirement Gift. We have a selection of silver kilt pins and some made in Britannia Silver. We have silver kilt pins with clan crests even more personal.

Of course the kilt pin is as old as the kilt itself. Dating back to the 16th century the kilt was first worn in the highlands and then the lowland areas. It wasn’t long before the simple pin to hold the material together was crafted into a work of art by silversmiths. The silver kilt pin is more than a pin, it’s a statement of individuality and wealth. Just as the silver apostle spoon is.

Silver Retirement Gifts For The Ladies

No this could be a little more complicated, well buying a gift for a lady on any occasion can be tricky. However not to worry we have a large selection of silver gifts perfect for the ladies

  • Silver plated compact mirror
  • Solid silver lockets
  • Silver bangles
  • Pin cushion Silver duck
  • Silver kilt pin
  • Heart shaped silver box
  • Silver plated luggage tab
  • Cake slice in solid silver
  • Solid silver necklace
  • Hallmarked solid silver letter opener
  • Solid Silver business card holder

A great selection of gifts for the ladies and a gift that will last a lifetime.

Silver Baptism Gifts

Silver Photo Frames

Of course if you are not sure what to buy as a retirement gift then you can always fall back on the fail safe. The silver photo frame suitable for men & women as everyone always has a special memory to frame it. Edinburgh silver stock a large range of silver photo frames

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