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Silver Presents
Silver presents for men and women are a popular choice for those who want to find a really special way to say thank you or to express your fondness for someone!
Most people can admire a beautiful piece of silver whether it is in the form of jewellery or something more practical.
Silver presents for men are traditionally a little more difficult to find than silver presents for women but this is changing fast!
Today there is a wide variety of silver presents for men out there and they’re not all cufflinks either!
Some great ideas for men who seem to already have everything include the following.
For the office:
  • Silver plated paper knife
  • Silver pen
  • Silver cufflinks
  • Silver collar stays
  • Silver business card holder
  • Silver tie bar
  • Silver money clip
  • Silver bookmark
For the bar;
  • Silver drip collar
  • Silver coasters
  • Silver spirit tags
  • Silver hip flask
  • Silver spirit measure
  • Silver salver
  • Silver claret jug
For leisure time
  • Silver compass
  • Silver keyring
  • Silver alarm clock
  • Silver Quaich
  • Silver card case
With so many beautiful and elegant silver presents for men about, there is something to suit all tastes!
Silver presents for women are no less numerous and there are many to choose from.
For the handbag:
  • Silver compact
  • Silver lipstick case
  • Silver pen
  • Silver keyring
  • Silver mirror
  • Silver pill box
Just because:
  • Silver thimble
  • Silver pincushion
  • Silver hair slide
For the jewellery box;
  • Silver bangle
  • Silver charm bracelet
  • Silver charms
  • Silver brooch
  • Silver pendant
  • Silver watch
  • Silver ring
The main thing to remember when you are selecting silver presents for men or silver presents for women is that most people adore receiving a present in solid or plated silver. It’s a luxury item and having everyday tools or utensils made of precious metals is a treat.
Try to think about what your recipient would get the most use out of; it’s not  good idea to buy a silver gold tee for a man who plays once a year at most whilst a silver compact mirror wouldn’t be a good choice for a woman who never wears makeup and doesn’t fuss much about appearance.
Take the personality of your friend or loved one into account when you are choosing their silver present and you will find that your thought really pays off.
It does not matter whether you are in the market for plated silver or solid silver gifts because the look of the two is equally impressive.
The main difference between solid silver and plated silver is that of longevity and it should be remembered that silver is a soft metal; solid silver wears at a much slower rate than plate silver.
Whichever type you choose for your loved one, they will appreciate the time and the effort which you put into choosing the perfect present.

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Anonymous October 22, 2013 - 6:48 pm

I’ve heard great things about Edinburgh Silver so came here for some inspiration and I’ve certainly found it! Great article for gift ideas, extremely useful in the run up to Christmas so thank you.

Naomi Jones October 18, 2013 - 7:09 am

I love silver so much and the gifts on this site are amazing. It’s like a one stop shop for everything silver. I have bought a couple of items for my husband for Christmas and as we have a family wedding coming up I’ll be getting the couple something to treasure from Edinburgh Silver.

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