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The Lord’s Prayer

by Edinburgh Silver
Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a really refreshing and relaxing weekend and are ready to start another week. In today’s blog I’ll be talking about something at Edinburgh Silver that truly amazes me. Something that we take a lot of pride and interest in – our Lord’s Prayer Solid Silver items.

I find these pieces to be exceptionally beautiful, filled with intricate detail and a lot of meaning. Our fantastic Silversmiths expertly punch the Lord’s Prayer (which you can see above) in such a way that it can fit onto some of our Bookmarks, Cufflinks, or Christening Spoons. This technique is what truly amazes and baffles me. It’s the fact that despite the size of the Silver they can punch on and despite the size of the font and DESPITE the intricacies and fragile detail. You can still make out the words and it’s meaning. That’s just pure genius from my point of view.

The Skill Of The Silversmith 

Our Silversmiths are so talented that they make it look easy! And that’s the beauty of it. It looks so simple yet beautifully detailed. There’s just something about a stunning Solid Silver piece that has a meaningful, mini message punched onto it.

It’s intricate. It means something. It’s the kind of thing we enjoy bringing to you.

Lord’s Prayer Solid Silver Bookmarks

We have two incredibly charming Solid Silver Bookmarks that features the Lord Prayer directly on the front surface. Our Silver Bookmark CWCLP is in the shape of a cross which is incredibly fitting with the religious theme. This bookmark features our Large Edinburgh Silver Hallmarks and is supplied in a lovely gift box. Consequently  would make this item ideal to give as a present to someone you want to spoil. 

Here’s a link to see this beautiful Silver Bookmark CWCLP:

Hallmarked Silver Bookmarks 

The second bookmark that features the Lord’s Prayer is our Silver Bookmark CWSBLP. This Solid Silver Heavy Gauge Bookmark is again incredibly fitting as this bookmark is in the shape of a church window. What’s more is that this fine Solid Silver Bookmark is guaranteed to last you, or whoever you may be getting it for, a lifetime. 

So, honestly. What could be better? Here’s a gift that shows someone how much you care for them; it shows high quality and elegance and it’ll last a lifetime. 

A link to view this Silver Bookmark CWSBLP:

I personally think these Solid Silver Bookmarks would be absolutely ideal to keep your place inside of your bible or maybe even any one of our Solid Silver Bibles. We released a blog on our bibles last week so if you would like to take a look then please follow this link:

If you would like to see more of our Solid Silver Bookmarks follow the link below:

Lord’s Prayer Solid Silver Cufflinks

We have four pairs of Cufflinks with the Lord’s Prayer punched onto the front surface of each pair. We offer to you many different varieties of shapes when it comes to our Lord’s Prayer Solid Silver Cufflinks: hexagonal, oval, round and square. To the left you can see the Solid Silver Oval Cufflinks. All 4 of these pairs of cufflinks are Scottish Hand Crafted Solid Silver and all are branded with our very own Hand Punched Edinburgh Silver Hallmarks which makes these Cufflinks very exclusive and individual to Edinburgh Silver.

I remember two years ago when my brother asked me for an idea on what to get our grandpa for his 70th Birthday and I was on the Edinburgh Silver website browsing through the items and came across the Solid Silver Hexagonal Cufflinks ESHXLP pair. 

I knew just then that this is what we should get for our grandpa. He attends church every Sunday morning and is always looking for a classy pair of Cufflinks to go with his Sunday Best. So, my brother and I were delighted when we came across this pair. 

The Perfect Silver Birthday Present 

If you want to make someone’s birthday, anniversary, 21st or even just make their day then I would absolutely recommend a pair of the Lord’s Prayer Cufflinks.

If you would like to view all of our Lord’s Prayer Solid Silver Cufflinks please follow this link:
To view a wider range of our Solid Silver Cufflinks click on the link below:

Lord’s Prayer Silver Christening Spoons

We have two Christening Spoons from our Solid Silver Christening Spoons collection that are punched with the Lord’s Prayer. Our first Scottish Christening Spoon LP has featured hallmarks bordering the Lord’s Prayer which you can see in the centre of the bowl of the spoon. What’s even better, if you want it to be more personal, is that you can engrave a name and a date (say a DoB) onto the back of the spoon’s bowl and onto the handle. So, if you are looking for a Baby Gift that is unique, meaningful and personal to an individual then this Solid Silver Christening Spoon is ideal. 


View this stunning Silver Christening Spoon here:

Our second Scottish Christening Spoon  also lets you engrave a name and date onto the bowl and back of the spoon if you wish. You can see the Lord’s Prayer stamped onto the very top of the handle which I think is such a lovely little detail. You can see the feature hallmarks clearly on the back of the spoon handle. 

View this Silver Christening 

Both of these Christening Spoons would be incredibly perfect to give to a baby or parents on this memorable event. Make their day even more special with a Lord’s Prayer Silver Christening Spoon. 

If you would like to view more of our Solid Silver Christening Spoons then follow this link:

I hope this blog has made you as excited about our Lord’s Prayer items as we are. These items are very special and add so much more thought and meaning into a gift that is already filled with personal touches. 

Contact Edinburgh Silver 

If you have any questions about our Lord’s Prayer items (or any other questions in general) then please do not hesitate to leave a comment in our comments section, our facebook page or our twitter page. You can find our Social Media page links down below.

Enjoy your Monday and I’ll speak to you all tomorrow!

Chloe at Edinburgh Silver

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